Sunday, May 9, 2010

Took Mom to pay respects to my sister today. It's been two years this weekend, so Mother's Day will always feature suckage around here.

The place was packed, with muchos la raza tailgating paying respects of their own.
Now, write this down, and file it: Whatever happens to me in the future, I hereby request that I am not be laid to rest near a Mexican.

The BBQ's and the beer I can handle. And the companionship might be nice. But it's the boom box mariachis that I can do without.

Thank you.


Jade said...

I went to Mexico over Dia de los Muertos a few years back. Even though I had studied the culture, and I thought I had some idea of what to expect when passing graveyards, I was still stunned by the party atmosphere. I think it was the balloon street vendors outside the gates that threw me the most.
I find their concentration on celebrating life to be appealing overall... but it doesn't mix with my idea of what a resting place is.

Brian said...

You might need to look at burial plots in Iceland. Or at least Canada.

Gino said...

jade: i'm well versed in mexican, having mostly 0 and 1st generation freinds while growing up (and still), and they tended to leave the more extreme aspects of their culture behind.

but this more recent wave of migrants... whoa!
they dont hold back, and live it full swagger.

overall, i love the mexicans, i just find a few mexicanisms to be annoying in quantity. mariachi music tops the list. i have zero tolerance for that noise.

(even some of my buddies would likely be shaking their head at the cemetary bbq's. i think thats like 'redneck' to them.)