Sunday, May 2, 2010

Back To The Eighties

This is semi-similar to The Hangover: Forty-something friends come together in an attempt to relive their youth while chasing booze and broads.
It all starts when one of the buddies attempts suicide and the other two decide to take him, and themselves, off to some mountain resort, the same one they visited 20+ yrs ago.
Back then it was a happening place, but are surprised to find it has become rundown and slummy. Definitely not the party heaven of their memories.
While hot tubbing the first night, and electrical malfunction occurs, and they four are transported back to 1986.

Up to this point, the movie is a bit of a drag.

Now things get interesting, as they try to figure out how this happened, and most importantly, try to get back.
It now becomes 'Back To The Future'-ish. They don't want to change history, (or do they?), so the friends make sure the do everything they did that fateful night back in 1986, (or do they?).
If you were cognizant in the 80's, you will love the musical score, the flashbacks to hair metal, and the awful fashions.

And I realized last night just how goofy the fashions were. This movie has it all down to a 'T'.Pathetic, you all were. Yes, you.
And you all should be ashamed of yourselves.(Not me, as I refused fashion at birth and have held true to myself ever since.)
It's a good movie, a great time, and, like I said, you'll love the music.


Bike Bubba said...

Now hey, I didn't fall to fashion back then, either. I remember being somewhat depressed when flannel shirts came into style, because it meant that for once, I looked stylish. What an utter humiliation.

Gino said...

i felt the same way with grunge. i just told everybody i was ahead of my time.