Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The death of a loved one seems to bring out the bitter spitefulness in those same people who, if anything, should be drawn closer in their grief.

But no.
Instead, opportunities to settle old scores rear their ugly heads.

I'm gonna spend my last damned penny, burn all my shit, and wander off to die telling no one.

My last will and testament will be a screaming big "Fuck all of you, bitches!!!!"


Bike Bubba said...

Little bit of difficulty closing your sister's estate, I take it? Hang in there, am praying for you in this.

Per your comments, handling the estate of my great aunt looks to be fairly easy....because quite frankly, what she had generally didn't have much besides sentimental value.

Gino said...

that, and my wife's step-mom passed a few months after my sis.
wife has her dad to deal with, and helping him get things done.

he's deep 80's, and usually cant remember where he put his shoes, let alone try to deal with her kids.

as for sis... she left nothing of $ value, cept a 401k with about 14g, which dropped to 8 by the time we found it and cashed it.
now, its time for one side to settle an old score from the divorce...
20 damned yrs ago.

i washed my hands.
whenever they call, i hang up whenever the topic get near.

RW said...

God made friends to make up for our families. Longer I live, more I see it.

kr said...

Well then(!).

In pre-estate news, I just informed my Mom (started treatment yesterday) that she is not allowed to die of cancer right now because she has a barn loft full of stuff from the old house she never sorted out after their last move.


SIGH ....

(She LOL'd and forwarded my email to some of her stablehands so they could laugh, too ;). )