Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Clown Car Uterus

I'm sure you've all heard about the Miracle of LifePharmaceuticals that took place at a Kaiser hospital in Bellflower, CA.

If you've missed it, some woman gave birth to eight kids a couple of days ago.

Now it turns out this guppy woman already has six other kids.

This is what I find bothersome.
After already establishing her own ethnic group, why was she still on fertility treatments?
Now, I'm not one to down folks for excessive childbirth. In fact, I believe large (and larger) families should be celebrated, if not encouraged.
But there comes a point when ethics says you've gotta stop screwing around with the natural flow of things, lest you make a mockery of what should be treated with reverence.
Though the family involved has requested anonymity at this time, you can't hide eight diaper bags forever. Eventually, we'll get to the full story and I suspect there will be a doctor called upon to answer a few questions from his governing board.
At least I hope so.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Monday, January 26, 2009

Both Sides Of The Same Ass

Let's see if I understand this correctly...

During the Amnesty Debate, the left told us that millions of wetbacks having babies on public money was good for our economy...

And now we are being told that all babies are a drain on the goverment.

Friday, January 23, 2009

When Gulls Attack

Heermann's gull attacked Kansas couple eating ice cream at Laguna Beach

Some of my fondest memories were made, and continue to be so, in and around Laguna Beach and Dana Point Harbor while fishing with my son. The Son is an avid fisherman. I'm not, so I just kinda tag along while he does most of the actual fishing. I catch a few fish, but it's mostly about the two of us just hanging out enjoying our time together.

When the fish aren't biting, we can be seen throwing a few rocks at the flying wharf rats.
Yes. That's right.
"Endangered" (bullshit!) species be damned, rats are rats,wings or not.

And these Heerman's Gulls, of which the link speaks, really are the worst of what truly is a badly behaving species of bird to begin with.

Here is how it starts:
You are minding your own business, peacefully communing with the great outdoors, enjoying a few laughs.

The gulls notice just what a swell time you are having, and send in The Recon Gulls.

These Recon Gulls aren't stupid, and are specially trained to zero in and identify certain items of interest: bait bag of anchovies, bucket of previously caught fish, your sack lunch...

Soon, the Recon Gulls leave and within a few minutes, every damn Gull on the west coast is up deep inside your stuff. And they know where they're going (because the Recon Gulls already told them,remember?)

They will swoop in and rip your bait sardine out of your hands while you try to bait a hook. They will attempt to take the whole bait bag out of your hands. They will steal the fish from your bucket. They will knock over your beer.

And if you resist their thuggery, they will shit on you.

I can't understand why the hell any of these birds need legal protection when they seem to do just fine while they gang together and harass us poor human folk.
We need to fight The Gulls. But it's not easy. They got The Cops,The Audubon Society, and Fishing Wardens on their side.
You gotta be stealthy, is what I'm saying.
But be warned: just swinging a stick isn't good enough. Launching an assault pisses them off further, unless you actually do hit one of them. This is important to remember.
If you can't land a strike, they won't fear you.

Kudos to Mr. Djuric for helping us take some of them out.
Unfortunatly for him, being from Kansas, he didn't know you weren't supposed to be seen doing it.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Gran Torino

It's been several months since I made it to the movie house and I'm sure you've all been wondering if I'd ever get around to doing movie posts again.

The day has arrived. I've managed nominal control over the 'hock and spit' situation to the point where I'm willing to venture back out into the world again, burn up that $4 gas I purchased last October, and start to live a little more, even if it is just a little.

Gran Torino is the tale of Walter Kowalski(Clint Eastwood),a bitter,scowling, widower living in what was once a nice neighborhood in Detroit. Nice, that is, until urban decay and the arrival of Gooks and Spooks ruined the place.

One thing unusual about this film: the majority of the cast are Hmong, who play the parts of Kowalski's neighbors. Not that important, but it may be a trivia question for somebody someday.

Moving along...
With Spooks and Gooks, come gangs and violence. Kowalski unwillingly, and unwittingly, befriends, and is befriended, by all his Hmong neighbors whom he despises but comes to appreciate. He's the only one with the brass pair to stand up to the gangs and trouble makers, and the Hmong are the only ones who genuinely appreciate him for who he is, warts and all.
It becomes evident he is also harboring a few spooks of his own, in terms of bad war memories, and a distant relationship with his own children.

Much of the movie centers on this relationship with the Hmong, as he takes the neighbor family under his protective wing, and teaches their weak-willed son how to walk,talk and act like a man.
Most of the time I was laughing my ass off. This movie is hilariously funny, in a disrespectful, impolite, politically incorrect way. I thought I knew every possible slur for an Asian. Now I've learned a few more. Not to be mistaken: this is not a comedy. This is a serious story,presented in a serious way. But even serious life is funny from the outside looking in. And Kowalski calls everything the way he sees it, unafraid to offend anybody.

I've heard that Clint Eastwood is retiring (he's 78) and this is his final project. It's a good exclamation point to place at the end of a stellar and varied career, and easily ranks as among his best. It's hard to compare it to such fare as 'Unforgiven' and 'Pale Rider', but that's only because it's a wholly different genre. At a time when Hollywood has run out of story lines, this is something new, and has no comparison in recent memory.
I'll just say that depending on how you want to judge them, this may be his best work. It's sounds cliche, I know, but that's how I feel about it.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Happy Hoping Day, Everybody

I've got an appointment with a nutritionist this morning. Seems this little visit is supposed to last an hour and a half. What the hell a nutritionist is going to do with me for that long of a time I have not a clue.

I'm hoping maybe I can get some change in this formula I've been injecting. This stuff really,really does taste bad. Maybe not as bad as warthog asshole (sly Bourdain reference to please the initiated), but I'm willing to bet it's pretty close.

You may be asking yourself: "but, if he's eating through an abdominal tube, how can he know what it tastes like?"
Because sometimes it 'backs up'. Undigested. My esophagus doesn't seal off properly (remember: I once mentioned chronic halitosis). My breath continually smells like this formula does. So, yeah, I get to taste it often enough.

Also, I'm hoping to put the brakes on this weight loss. I'm down to 174lbs now. I don't mind the weight loss. In fact, I welcome it. But the rapidness does have me concerned. Instead of looking healthier/fitter/leaner, I'm starting to resemble a holocaust Jew.
Besides, 174 should be a proper weight for me.

Have a Happy Hoping Changing Day, everybody.

See you when I get back.

Monday, January 19, 2009

We Can Always Hope

WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA) -- District police have placed signs along 5th and I Streets. They read, "Warning, Prostitution Free Zone."

Personally, I'd be happier if these signs were placed within the Capital building and strictly enforced.

That would be change I can believe in.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Husking Bee Rocks

Something a little different, yet familiar.
Call it Punk with a different,ah... slant.
Give it a spin.
Sometimes ,you never know what's out there til you find it.

Southern California Has It's Problems...

... but the weather in mid-January isn't one of them.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

'Progress' And 'Alabama' In The Same Paragraph

The first colored American president taking the oath of office is a historic event. And many folks are understandably thrilled by the idea. (personally, I don't give a shit).

But does the idea itself have to bring out the morons questing for an existence?

Alabama NAACP criticizes use of Trail Maids in Inaugural Parade

"Azalea Trail Maids"? Who the hell thought of this idea?
I know,I know... it's a free country and all, and if young women in Alabama want to dress up like mutant Peeps and parade shamelessly in public that should be their prerogative.
Besides, traditional Southern culture seems to be under attack on many fronts these days so a little harkening to the past may be a good thing. And if it keeps these girls out of trouble, so much the better, right?
So, I'm giving Alabama's goofy young ladies a pass on this.

But not Colored People spokesman Edward Vaughn. He wants the Azalea Trail Maids banned from the parade. They remind him of slavery (as if he,himself, ever remembered it).
He wants to showcase the great (his word) progress Alabama has made. Well, I been to Alabama, albeit briefly. I didn't see any progress going on there at all. And I felt the compelling need to lock the car doors and roll up the windows while driving through Birmingham. (Needless to say, Birmingham could use a few more Trail Maids, and a lot fewer colored thugs, walking the streets.)

Sure, Alabama does have some shame in it's past. And gaudy dresses on women are not one of them. While the streets of Birmingham are a shame today.
A colored shame, Mr Vaughn.
Maybe you need to be outraged at that,instead.

Aside: now that we have a colored president, isn't it time for organizations such as NAACP be disbanded?

For MOB Members

Thought you'd like it.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Happy Days Are Here Again

The earth is now on the brink of entering another Ice Age, according to a large and compelling body of evidence from within the field of climate science.

Now we can put all that Global Warming bullshit behind us and keep on driving our SUV's, using our A/C in the summertime and enjoying the nice, bright light of incandescent bulbs again.

Personally, I hope it gets here quick. I've already planned a snuffleupagus hunt. Who wants to join me?

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Indecent Exposure

You gotta love Larry Flynt and Joe Francis for one thing: exposing for the nation just how ridiculously indecent the bailout-mania has become.

Seriously, from my perspective, they have just as much claim, maybe even a more righteous claim, to a government handout as any other legal business venture.
The bankers and the Big Three have only themselves to blame for loaning money to people who couldn't afford to pay it back, or paying a work force too much to produce cars that would not sell.

So those guys screw the pooch, and now they want the rest of us to keep their business a float?

Maybe we should bailout the porn industry first.
I'm pretty sure Joe Francis and Larry Flynt haven't sabotaged their businesses with bad decisions, such as photographing ugly women nobody wanted to see anyway.
Move them to the front of the line.

Friday, January 9, 2009


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Or, just leave a comment on the previous page's last posting.

Added info, like operating system/browser you're using would also be helpful.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Define "Success"

I'm hearing a different tone than what I've heard in the past. All over, the chattering classes on the right are approaching the soon-to-come administration without the deranged hatred we've see from the left for the past eight years.

"I hope he succeeds" is the over riding sentiment.

Thing is, nobody is saying what 'success' is.
Example:While FDR is seen widely, and wildly, as a success, by all stupid people the nation over (that would be most of them), the facts show that the long term results of his policies ranged from failure to abject failure. But, he was so successful at hoodwinking the people, we now have a monument in Washinton celebrating it.

As someone who holds political views far different than Barack Obama, how can I wish him 'success' as he goes about his way of implementing policies that I believe will be harmful and further erode the nation's welfare?
Does anybody think government run health care, given it's unblemished track record of sucking every where it's tried, will somehow be an improvement because Obama does it?

Can anybody who believes in the sanctity of human life, as I do, think Obama will somehow be an improvement when it comes to protecting the innocent? Especially after he voted to deny the 14th Amendment protections of citizenship and due process to a whole class of the citizenry? (In other words, the first black president supports the re-creation of a 'nigger' class. Didn't our nation already fight a long struggle against such a notion).

Will more intrusive government, expansion of wealth transfers and increasing encroachment on economic liberties suddenly be successful after history has repeatedly shown otherwise?

I don't wish the new president success any more than I wished the last guy success.
Instead, I wish,hope and pray for the success of the nation to somehow rise above it's self-inflicted troubles and continue to be the one place that continues to offer the most promise for our descendants, just as it did for our ancestors.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Missing Links

Not done yet. Soon, I will have a completed link list. If yours is missing,and a few of you are, it won't be much longer.

Thanks for hanging in there.

No Reservations

I first became aware of Anthony Bourdain over a year ago, maybe almost two years ago, through online buddy and know-it-all RW. This was back in his food blogging days.

Brian, also a fan, just came back from Vietnam after doing a little Bourdaining of his own.

As I said, I became 'aware'. Meaning, I knew he was there, and little else. Never watched his show on The Travel Channel. And never gave him another thought.

All that changed a few weeks ago. Being stuck in recovery, unable to do too much, I spend much time killing boredom through channel surfing, and ended up surfing my way right into Bourdain's show.
Now I'm hooked.

For those who don't know:
In "No Reservations" (Bourdain's show), he travels the world to exotic lands and eats the food. Some of this stuff is truly bizarre, but he eats it anyway.
He's funny,wry, and self-deprecating. A professional chef with a punk attitude who doesn't take himself too seriously but puts out one hell of a good show, while taking the occassional no-so-subtle shot at some of those other chef hosts on Food Network (Rachel Ray seems to be a favorite target).

Been watching all reruns, as I'm a very recent fan, but the new season starts tonight.
If you haven't yet, check him out. You'll be glad you did.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

What Were We Eating Before?

Pizza Hut is now promoting a new All Natural Pizza, with natural crust,natural cheese, natural peperoni, etc.

For years, Pizza Hut has bombarded us with advertising that testified to the superior quality of their fare, and now they take it all back?

Friday, January 2, 2009

Transplanting Slumliness

On the docket for today is a story from the Frisco Bay region :Influx of black renters raises tension in Bay Area

In summary, the residents of Antioch,CA are pissed off with the influx of poor Negroes moving into town with Section 8 housing vouchers bringing with them "loud parties, mean pit bulls, blaring car radios, prostitution, drug dealing and muggings of schoolchildren."
In other words, the same old stuff that comes with all neighborhoods where the vast majority of the population resembles the cast of a Snoop Dogg video.

To be expected, the aggrieved have called for, and received, a greater measure of police patrolling aimed toward keeping a damper on the Annoying and Federally Subsidized Community.

Now, the subsidized nuisances are striking back with a lawsuit for police harassment,intimidation, or whatever... but I'm pretty sure racism will be charged as well.

What this all comes down to is the one thing it is not politically correct to proclaim, although the evidence for it is overwhelming: Bad neighbors live in bad neighborhoods for a self-evident reason. No amount of subsidy to help poor people escape poverty slums will change the behaviors and social mores that brought them to the slums in the first place.

Giving them free money to 'escape' just spreads their crap around into other neighborhoods where the citizens have already earned a certain level of lifestyle through their own merits.

You got to love this quote from the article:
Karen Coleman, a mother of three who came here five years ago from a blighted neighborhood in nearby Pittsburg. "We are trying to raise our kids like everyone else. But they don't want us here."

No, Mrs. Coleman. With the loud parties,pit bulls, blaring car stereos,and a government check, you are not trying to raise your kids 'like everyone else'.

But at least you're right about one thing: They don't want you there. And justifiably so.