Wednesday, December 31, 2008

And A New Page,Too

As has been obvious, I have been in a major rut not entirely of my own making, but entirely up to myself if I am to eventually emerge from it.

This is the reason I began a new page. Thinking maybe the change might do me some good, and I was getting tired of the old anyway.

So it's a new year.
Big deal. (yawn)
I don't 'do' New Years, and haven't since my first was born twenty-two years ago.
Prior to that, New Years was always rung in with large amounts of alcohol or debauchery. Sometimes both.
It's just that it all just stopped being fun after the kid arrived. Stupidity of that sort had lost it's allure positively overnight.
I still don't quite understand what was so much fun before, only that I remember I had lots of fun before.

I'd rather watch T.V. with a big bag of potato chips and a six-pack*, falling asleep at my regular time than be out celebrating something that is really nothing more than a single digit change on a calender that changes digits daily, anyway.

For those of you who are into it, have a Happy New Year.

So it'll be canned formula and warm spit hocked into a plastic tub this year, instead.
There will be time, plenty of time, for beer and chips later on.