Monday, October 16, 2017

The past 4-5 days have been a blur... a mix of emotions... and lots of time spent starring off into space...too many questions without answers... I might appear fine at times, but I'm not... digging deeper than I have ever had to before... functioning is a struggle.

My wife was diagnosed with metastatic cancer... at the same time it looks like my carotid tumor is staging a comeback...

Shit is kinda fucked up right now.

If you have some leftover prayers you aren't using... yeah.. send them this way.

Thank you.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

My Thoughts On The NFL Stuff

-Every Sunday during football season, we meet at this local sports bar, called Sidelines. (We occasionally relocate to Rosati's when we want to avoid the Seahawks crew and their annoying manner.) I found this loose group of Bears fans at this same bar in 2012.
There are several different fan bases that call this bar home, but we are not like the others. All the others are somehow related or extended related, getting together, cousins/siblings etc...
None of us are related in any way.
 As is the developed practice, whomever arrives first puts dibs on the favorite table and corresponding screens.
We meet every Sunday the Bears are playing, and I have zero to near-zero contact with any of them after the season is over. Not even Facebook contacts.

Myself, Jeff, Lori, Danny, Mike.
Over time, we have become known as The Family. An intended misnomer.   Our bond is based upon Bears football, and little else. It's the point and topic of every conversation and comment we may yell, scream or utter over the course of the next three hours or so...

I never had any clue as to the political leanings of anybody in The Family. We never touched upon such things. This week has ended that, unfortunately.  Up side, though, is that I don't think it will have any effect on the future of The Family going forward. We are all about the Bears, and nothing else.

-Don't blame President Trump for inserting the power of the Presidency into the NFL commentary. President Obama started the ball rolling last season with his commentary over Kaepernicks style of protest. NFL players didn't have a problem with it then, did they? Do not gray a line you don't want crossed, ok?

-Trump's words: 'get that son of a bitch outta here'... or something like that, are almost the exact same words most of Trump Nation would use. It's how we talk. And, he was talking to us. Ain't no thing, ok? Get over it.
Or, get with it.
He resonates for a reason.

-Son Of A Bitch. I heard those words every day growing up, and rarely hear them anymore, them having been replaced by 'cabrones'.
 'Sonsabitches'... I miss that word. It meant something.
Hearing Trump go 'old school' gave me a warm feeling inside.

-At first, Kaepernick sat down for the anthem, but after being questioned, and wanting to come to a better method of expressing himself, he chose to kneel: a sign of respect for the general ideals the flag stood for, but he found lacking in reality. Fair enough, if you ask me.

-Those who got butt hurt when Tebow took a knee out of expression to deeply held beliefs, did not have an issue when Kaepernick did it.
 And vice versa.
Turn the mirror upon your own face and see if this applies.

-The NFL has, for years, attempted to use patriotism as a marketing tool and has had much success along the way... so much so, that displays of lesser-patriotism are off putting to many of the fan base.  They made their bed, they will lie in it.

-Taking their hypocrisy a step further: the NFL owners/CEOs/coaches/kissasses have issued several statements so far, all claiming to fully support their player's rights of political expression... or something like that...
Really? Then explain for me why Kaepernick no longer has the skills to play in the NFL while Mike Glennon still does?

-Maybe, after all this dust settles down, Kaepernick might find an NFL position again. I'm ok with it. He's a genuinely good dude. He's also hugely under-informed, but can you blame him after being coddled for so much of his life?

-If you need further proof that this nation is going through it's death throes, this should do it for you. Football players are the modern day version of Roman gladiators. Tough guys. Seems that in reality, they are all a bunch of snowflakes beneath the padding and the helmets.  Sissies who play football at the highest level, are still sissies. So sorry your little feelings were hurt...faggot.

-I'll still watch. For now, anyway...

Wednesday, September 6, 2017


I've said it before: a young child transported illegally across out border to live and grow up is an American by default. The child knows no other country.
I also realize that there can be distinctions made between a 6 month old illegal versus a 16 year old. They are not the same thing, and this distinctioning thing can get real messy.

I supported the idea of DACA at the time, but not the act of DACA itself.
DACA is blatantly unconstitutional.

Getting a Dream Act passed into law should not be that difficult. Most people support the idea. The biggest obstacle is those who want to include Dreamer stuff into a wider bill granting blanket amnesty to all illegals, and wont have it any other way.

Stop holding the kids hostage.

Pass a DACA type thing, and do it the correct way.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Some This, Some That

Hi ya'll! Or should I say 'both o' Ya'll', seeing as how I haven't been around much and most of what was left of Ya'll have gone on to better things to click on... Can't say I blame ya.

Been working some crazy hours the past couple months, some 72hr weeks, and looking in on my mom on the occasional day off... oh, and a week vacay in Chicago and it's surrounding prairie towns. Wish I'd just stayed there a while longer.

OK, getting to the bloggy type stuff:

-After the Marc Rich pardon-for-cash, the FALN terrorists pardons, Chelsea Manning commutation, and some others, no member of The Press has the moral authority to criticize the Joe Arpaio pardon. This is the way shit works, ok? You were fine with it before, so get fine with this one now.

-Personally, I think pardons should be rare and serve a higher purpose. Like, the pardon every Confederate soldier received for the sake of national reconciliation; or a combat soldier who became over zealous in his duties; Richard Nixon; or any other number of things where a person may be justly convicted, but circumstances might seem unjust to most of us.

-Given the ways of Washington, Scooter Libby should have received a break from President Bush... but considering how Bush threw the American working class under the bus, I'm damn glad one of 'them' got it hard.
Yes, Libby is one of 'them'.
Don't forget that he was the  lawyer to Marc Rich. It was Scooter who negotiated the most shameful pardon in recent memory.
Fuck You, Scooter!!!
I hope you got raped in prison.
With out lube.

-If our President, Donald Trump, received the same press coverage as his predecessor, he'd be polling 70% right now.

-I love the way he attacks the press. They are who he says they are. Finally, there is GOPer willing to call them out for a change, instead of sucking their dicks while apologizing for not being who they want him to be.
Keep kicking them in the nuts, Mr President, and I will keep supporting you.

-If Trump is the same as Hitler... that means Hitler wasn't 1% as bad as I was taught. I was lied to. We need more Hitler in this country.

-Houston: Just Wow. Has any weather event like this ever been recorded?

-The Cajun Navy: the much sung heroes of Houston.
Basically, a loosely organized group of Louisiana sportsmen, outdoorsmen, hunters and fisherman... who bring their personal watercraft (bass boats and air boats, basically) to flooded areas and save lives, on their own dime, on their own time.
I'm a hunter, myself... and I get to know a lot of other hunter-type people, so I can safely say that I'm fairly certain that a sizable population of these "Duck Dynasty" types are regular church goers... largely Republican... and Trump voters.
Shhh... don't tell the media.
It'll be our secret.

-The Cajun Navy is just Americans being Americans, like it should be. They are not looking at one's skin color, or transitioning status. They are there to save people. It's what we do. I wish things like this were reported, and by extension promoted, more often.

-Houston is home to a substantial population of Black Americans... but I have not seen one single Black Lives Matter flotilla/navy on the water, or even a convoy of aid trucks.

-I'm fairly certain, it wont be long, until Donald Trump is somehow blamed for sending this hurricane/aftermath to Houston. Wait for it.

-Football is almost here. I'm looking forward to my Bears winning more than three games.

-Matt Stafford just became the highest paid football player in history. I'm not a fan of Stafford, yet... I see a lot of things about him that I can't help appreciate. The dude's a baller. He never quits. Ever.
The Man of a disfunctional franchise (0-16) from the moment he arrived.
He promised to fight and never give up.
He lived up to it, in spades.
He's as badass as an Ass can be, and he is an Ass when he thinks he can away with it....
Story short: He's a Detroit Lion. To the core.
He's earned it... every fucking cent of it.
Raising a glass to Matt Stafford!
I hope the Bears kick your Detroit Ass this year... Thrice!

-System Quarterbacks do as they are taught to do, with the pieces they are gifted. See: Brady, Brees, Rodgers.
Real life Quarterbacks do what they can, with what they have... like Stafford.
If he was drafted by New England, he'd have 7 rings already, and an HOF lock on the first ballot.

He was drafted by Detroit.
Sucks for him.
Matt Stafford plays football on every snap.
He will run it, and take the hits, while delivering some of his own...
Tom Brady.. not so much.He should be in the HOF conversation when he retires, but he wont be.
And that's too bad.

This is why the NFL sucks.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

John McCain Has Cancer

Big whoop... he's been an actual cancer on the conservative movement for decades, who's 'sell by' date has long past.

Good Bye, John!
We won't miss you as much as the Democrats will.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Laying It Out For Those Still In Doubt

Victor Davis Hanson does a does a pretty complete job in describing the lay of the land.

In this latest arena of civil dissent, Donald Trump, the renegade liberal and most unlikely traditionalist, squares off against the elite that despises his very being not only for reasons of class and culture, but mostly for attempting to restore a traditional regime of citizenship, individualism, assimilation, territorial sovereignty, recognized borders, strong defense, deterrence abroad, and free-market capitalism.

Read the whole thing.
If anybody still doubts that we are engaged in another civil war then I don't know what else to point out for you...
And for those Never Trump who still hold to that position? I suggest you start planning your meetings in a town called Vichy. You'd be at home there.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

How To Solve A Problem Like Korea

Some more thoughts on the Nork situation:

--North Korea has crossed a potentially dangerous line with their development of missiles that threaten the USA. This really should not surprise anybody. As long as the regime was being catered to, it was going to happen.
This lies directly at the feet of every POTUS since Bill Clinton, who tasked Jimmy Cater with providing the regime with the nuclear technology to get this far.
It was Jimmy Cater, acting on behalf of a stupid Clinton, who armed the Norks, and this must be made known.

--We need to see this for it really is: an extension of the Cold War, and China's further desire to play a hegemonic role. China gave birth to this regime and has continued acting as it's wet nurse. This will not change easily.

--China, despite what they may say, loves having their little suck puppet right there where it is. It's strategically smart for them.

--There are no good options. Any attack on the Norks will absolutely trigger a retaliatory attack on Seoul,  cause the deaths of untold thousands, lay waste to their vibrant economy... and bring China back into the battle in a replay of the Second Korean War.
When this war is over, China will posses the entire peninsula.
Secretly, I believe China wants the USA to attack the Norks, just for this reason.

--We will have to learn to tolerate/live with the Norks and their threats. They won't do anything that would cause an end to their regime, so stop buying into their black mail. This isn't Iran, that seems to be bent on a Holy War in the name of God.
Kim Jong Il would prefer to enjoy his virgins within the context of his earthly kingdom, where he is god. He's acquired Paradise. Why ruin it?

--Secure Japan and South Korea by encouraging their own Nuclear Weapons programs. Let that stew in China's craw for a while. And never retract from that. They will eventually need their own deterrents  anyway because China will always seek to dominate them. It's who they are.

--Treat China as the enemy state they are. Link them to North Korea, as they really and truly are.
'Cold War' their ass.
Cut off trade. Bring back our own manufacturing. I know, this may require the purging of many at the top levels of our own government (like anybody named Bush, or related to one) who sold out America and it's workers in exchange for the business opportunities in China.

--China is not our friend. They never were. They will not ever be.
Stop the charade, because the American leadership are the only ones buying the bullshit.
Come out onto the factory floor and talk to normal Americans who work for living... we don't like Chinese.