Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Plus Ça Change...

With the retirement of Kennedy from the Supreme Court, and the optimum chance presented to President Trump to truly change the court's direction for decades to come,  has been talk of what threat this poses to Roe V Wade.

As a opponent of Roe V Wade, we appear to be on the verge of a moment I never thought I would see in my lifetime.
Let us not forget that Ruth Bader Ginsburg is 85 yrs old, battling a cancer (pancreatic) that almost always wins, and she is not likely to be awake when the next Democrat sits in the Oval Office.

What will this mean?
Immediately, it's hard to say.
We may have riots in the street, or at least another demonstration of angry 'women' (provided the current batch of shrillies hasn't sat down by then.)

All the left really has in the way of debate anymore is anger, rage, name calling and threats of violence (oh, and the enhanced-titted porn star who serves as their 'Mother Teresa'... a real feminist hero there).
I'm going to predict there will be demonstrations up to the moment the new Justice (who will no doubt be a racist, homophobe, nazi mysogonist) is seated.

I think the real riots will wait until that glorious day when Roe is properly overturned, if it ever happens. I have my doubts. I think the best we will see is a weakening of Roe along the edges. Maybe limitations on abortion providers, waiting periods... but not much else.

As much as some people might say that they want a total ban on abortions, I'm aware that Virtue Signaling happens on both sides.
It's easy to come out in favor of a policy when you know there is no real chance you will have to abide by it.
I don't believe enough of them mean it.
Too many people have gotten used to having the 'Out', even if they would never use it, to want to get rid of it. Some Genies can't be put back into the bottle. This is one of them, though I see it more as a Pandora's Box.
Even states that currently have laws banning abortion will not be able to enforce them, or will have to radically alter them.

The fight for Life, and it's sanctity, can only happen person to person, heart to heart, one sacred life at a time. We must change the culture, and laws cannot do that.
Intellectual persuasion, when allowed to bloom, can play a strong role in that slow moving process.
Combine that with a loving heart, and the odds increase ten-fold.
I'm no intellectual.
But I do know what love is.
This will continue to be my role in the struggle going forward...
Person to person,
Heart to heart,
One sacred life at a time.

Plus c'est la même chose.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

The Longer Game

Caveat: It's still early stages, and far too soon to see how this will play out.

Kim, despite his reported unpredictability, is actually fairly predictable. Just because somebody behaves in a way that you think he should not, doesn't make him unpredictable. It just tends to make you look stupid when he acts according to form.

Papa Trump is not unpredictable, either. One thing we know about Trump is that his words eventually will result in something. A tower. A Casino. A deal. It's the mold he was cut from and he knows no other way.
Unlike the typical American President, he is a man of action. Not words.
He will do, or say, what needs to be done or said, to get his end result.
He builds towers.
Tangible things.
He's not selling 'pie in the sky' dreams, and he never has.

Trump apparently made it very clear to his 'good friend' Xi (of China) that a nuked up Nork was not acceptable, and wouldn't be acceptable to Xi as well. (I suspect Papa read my blog.)

Kim wants to be somebody big.
Worthy of the adulation he inherited.
This week, he accomplished something neither his Father nor Grandfather never could have dreamed of: to share the stage as an equal to the President of The United States. 
One of only Two.
(Remember...  when his father insisted, and failed, to be included as one of seven? or was it five? does the difference matter at this point?)
Jon-Un did even better than that...
One to One.
Followed up with possible invitations to The White House, and maybe even Mar-a-Lago!
(Personally, I find the image of Kim playing golf in the Florida humidity while wearing his long-sleeved grey Mao suit rather humorous. I soooo want to see that.)

If this process continues, Kim will be de-nuked; and his bitter and brutal regime will continue without fear of United States aggression...
for a while...
His regime will have to open up, because it will no longer be able to use United States aggression as an excuse to exist in it's current form.
Remember: Papa Trump has offered to help build NK into a prosperous nation; the equal of it's southern neighbor.
This will not happen without some 'opening up'.
As his nation begins opens up, the lie will be exposed, and the people will revolt.

Hello! Nicolae Ceausescu.
Elena, too.
(or should I say 'Goodbye?')

Remember (I do) just a few days prior, he was celebrated in their parliament with the cry of "Rumania! Communism! Ceausescu!"
He was so in charge...

Forget the high praise and the kind words that Trump is offering Kim right now, and most likely will continue to offer for the distant future.

If you want to know how Papa really feels toward the Kim regime, go ahead and You Tube his State of the Union speech...
...and remember how often Papa has said that Otto Wormbier's death has not in vain.  Say what you want about his ego. Papa's heart is just as big. (He stay's in touch with Otto's family.)

The path Trump has laid out for Kim will lead directly to his fall.
I do believe that Trump knows this.
May that fall be brutal as fuck.

Viva Trump!

Monday, April 30, 2018

Per The Washington Press Corps

After comity had been killed off, comedy had to be next.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Getting Deeper

Today, the Inspector General issues another part of his report, and along with it a criminal referal of Andrew McCabe for lying to the FBI, no less than four times.

If we are to have an honest rule of law in this country, or a semblance of it, McCabe will be indicted soon.

Same day, the DOJ finally felt enough heat to release the James Comey memos. One thing that we can know for near certainty, according to Comey's own, hand written words, is that the only honest player in this matter has been the Papa himself, and Comey is the bold-faced, corrupt liar... as he does his book tour declaring that Papa is unfit due his dishonesty. Oh, the irony...

Comey himself should also come indictment in due time.

Will Rod Rosenstein, the real Attorney General, every bit a part of this tag team of corruption out to destroy an election, throw his buddies under the bus to save himself?
Consider the level of character currently displayed at the highest levels of the DOJ, the answer is yes! Yes, he will.

If justice is served, these men will go to jail.

Which brings up another question: How many of those who involved themselves in the promotion of the Clinton Machine have gone to jail so far?
Now add these two, and it may not even be over yet...
While Bill and Hillary carry on in their merry ways.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Swamp Font

Born to the highest level of privilege...

Her husband, similarly born,  opened the doors to 'doing business' with China's communist dictatorship.
Together, they promoted that relationship to last into the future...
that's right: they promoted a Communist  Dictatorship... let that sink in for a moment or two..

Her man also refused to follow up on  Ronald Reagan's plan to enforce the border in exchange for the 1986 amnesty... flooding the nation with cheap labor designed to undercut the wages of the American working class, along with those of law-abiding immigrants.

Story short: her husband undercut the Rule Of Law in this country at it's most basic and defined point: our borders.

Moving forward,
 ..her husband's policies were furthered by Bill Clinton, a man whom she would come to regard as 'another son'...

To be followed into power by her own seed, the fruit of her womb, who never passed up a chance to admonish the American working class for not working as cheaply as their favored Mexican, foreign-born, illegally-obtained labor force...

In addition to that, her other sons were heavily involved and connected with transnational banking corporations... becoming ever more wealthy at the expense of her own citizens...

Until another of her seed stepped forth to finish the job her husband and first son started...

Jeb! was pounded into the dirt by Papa in their first debate. (Viva Papa!)

She never forgave Papa for that... for his defense of America's working class.
In her eyes, a real leader for America was supposed to sell out Americans, while speaking in the words of the Ivy League (ya know...like her Hubby and Sons did... lies, all of it)

" By their fruits you shall know them."

 Satan is a deceiver, as the Bible tells us...

Satan does not always appear in the form of a goat, walking like a man, fire from his nostrils...

He may very well  come to us as an old grey mare, speaking lovingly, pearls round her neck...

I've seen the fruit of her womb, and have suffered under it.
I mourn not.

Go to hell, Bitch.. you've already lived in Heaven...at the expense of those others who never mattered to you.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Ride Or Die

A year ago, it clearly looked as if the Trump Presidency was in grave danger. Not that Papa did anything wrong. There was never any evidence of that.
It was about the forces arrayed against him.

As Upchuck Schumer himself said, (and I paraphrase) the Intelligence Community has several ways til Sunday to fuck you.

Home Truth: the Deep State calls the shots, and you'd better not be standing on the wrong end of the shooting range.

This has changed,  and quickly so...

With the Inspector General Report coming out at the same time as Comey's embarassingly silly (and stupid) bodice ripper; while McCabe resorts to that online fundraising thing, GoFundMe, to provide his legal defense...
(begging yet another question: if you did nothing wrong... why would you need a GoFundMe when you haven't been charged with doing anything?
You are innocent of everything.
A high ranking FBI agent.
An Untouchable, as they say.
Nothing there.
You said so.
Unless, of course, you are lacking candor?
Tell me it ain't so)

It's looking more and more to me, that the shots being taken against Papa are actually shats in the shorts of those who are taking the shots
It's becoming ever more evident.
My Trump hating 'news feed' is getting freakishly quiet...

Today, Papa gave Scooter Libby a pardon.
Scooter. Libby.
Yes, that one... the swamp creature of the Marc Rich pardon.
This is waaay  beyond the first three levels of WhatTheFuck?!

Now, I've mentioned my opinion of Scooter Libby before.  I do believe that the nation, maybe even the whole world, would be a better place if he and his homies were not a part of it.
That said, his homies wield much power within the swamp, and he serves as a sort of martyr to them.
Truth: he is a martyr.
I don't need to explain the story. If you are reading this blog, you already know it.

So what, pray tell, is going on?

First off, we now have a press corps reporting that an Independent Counsel can be biased, dishonest, self-serving and corrupt... it's called 'setting the stage' for what comes next.
So, what is coming next?
Let me tell you...

What this pardon does is score points among the swamp things who's support Papa will need going forward, while also sending a message to those in Papa's army who may/will be martyred in the bitter struggle to take him down: Papa holds the power, the ultimate power. He's got your back if you are willing to 'ride or die'.
(Side note: W left the homie out to dry. Who's the better man, now?)

A brilliant move.

Papa is on offense.
The enemy is on it's heels.

The tide is turning

Friday, March 2, 2018

The 15:17 To Paris

Wow... It's been 10 days since my last post. Sorry... I got busy... kinda

We all remember that incident that took place in France, when three young American men took down a terrorist on a train? Yeah... That's what this is about.

It's kind of a risky venture for Clint Eastwood to put together. Seriously, how do you produce a full length feature about an incident that only lasted a few minutes? It's a recipe for suck.

Or is it?

15:17 To Paris isn't so much about those fateful few minutes that brought these young men to fame. It's about normal, everyday friends, three young people, finding their way in the world... their failures and successes along the way... and what brought them to 'be there' when that moment arrived.

It's a lesson that we can learn, and most likely, many of us have... because it's been demonstrated already...

Every American knows about Flight #whatever, on 9/11, when the passengers stepped up...
This is the same story, with a different ending...
But the story is still the same.
It is, and will be, a lesson and inspiration to every American (and some non-Americans)... to 'step up'...
seize that moment...
do not cower... 

It's about finding heroism in everyday people.
The film itself isn't boring, but not that engaging either...
Til the 'moment' occurs...
And that moment is messy, complicated, and gripping.
It is depicted as it happened.

Three American dudes... being American dudes...meeting their moment... and matching it.
They made America proud... just because they were who they were. Americans! We are like that.. they didnt come from Canada... right?
Canada is a pussy nation.
Manliness is frowned upon.. that why they elected Justin as their leader...

Clint Eastwood took a huge gamble by casting the real life people to play themselves (Anthony
Sadler, Alek Skarletos, Spencer Stone.)
They are not actors, and it shows. If you are looking for 'actor' type performances, it's not here.
But maybe you can respect three young, American men portraying themselves as three, young American men?... there is a real-world realism here. They are not actors. They are not acting.
I appreciated that.
It works here.

If you haven't seen this movie yet, I strongly recommend it.
It is unique, from a movie-craft sense...
and it is unique in it's depiction of normal people doing hero-type stuff, not because they wanted to, ...they did it  because they were there...
 being who they are.
We can all be heroes, if we do what is right.

Grab the moment.