Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I support every person's right to fall short of the expectations of an other, and that 'other's right to be feel let down and to nag accordingly.

Marriage ain't 'all that'.

Get 'that', and it's an easy conclusion...

Monday, March 18, 2013

"The whole thing reeks of Baby Industrial Complex, I tell ya."

Amanda is rockin the house with this one. Saying a few things that I've noticed along the way...
Silly me, for expecting to find a plain ol' glass thermometer, the design and function of which had been relied upon, from its invention in the early 18th century, throughout my childhood, and beyond, until at least the last time someone stuck one in my mouth in the present century. These days, every @$#%& thing MUST BE DIGITAL. God forbid we're forced to interpret anything in the analog.
And mentioning some real Truth along the way as well...
Then there was the fact that the basal thermometer was pink. You know, because PINK = LADIES! Women are notorious for neglecting write things down with ballpoint pens, operate hand tools, use computers, and drive automobiles unless the products are first dipped into a vat of motherfucking pink paint. Bonus points for flowers, hearts, and lipstick smooches. Teehee, that's just how frivolous and silly women are! Love for pink is hardwired into the brain! As are frivolity and silliness! Because evolution and stuff.
Embrace The Pink, yeah?

Saturday, March 16, 2013


not Irish.

Viva Patricus!
He was not Irish, either.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Been Getting Botted To Hell Lately...

If this keeps up, I will have to go back to the capcha thing for comments.
I hate that.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Blades On A Plane

You've heard that TSA is going to allow passengers to board planes even if they still possess a very, very small pocket knife. The type one would carry on their key chain, usually good for little more can scraping the dirt out your finger nails.
Now, the flight attendant union is all freaked out and concerned about everybody's safety being at risk... hey, can't please all, ya know... but at least potential skyjackers will have clean nails.

It reminds me of leaving for my hunting trip in November, 1999, or then abouts...
I had gathered up all my gear and clothes, packed my bags, ammo, guns, and secured everything with little padlocks.
As I was carrying  it all to the car, I noticed that my field knife was sitting on the table not having made it into the bags.
Too lazy to look for the right key to the right lock, I just grabbed it and stuffed it into my carry on bag, with intent to pack it properly when I unloaded at the airport.

As it happened, the knife did not cross my mind again until the next morning as I was prepping for a morning in the field.
Oh yeah, there it is...
Still in my carry on bag.
That I had carried on.

While I was removing my belt, and placing my keys in the little bowl to make it through security at LAX, my field knife just passed through the metal detector/x-ray machine in my carry on, unnoticed.
Not some folding lock-blade, that may have looked like a blob on the x-ray screen. A real knife, suitable for cutting and gutting, 5" plus blade, razor sharp and then some, full tang, in a sheath. The morons full on missed it!

Had  some laughs sharing this story with a few folks at the time, and then forgot about it until 9-11 happened.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Put The Burro Back In The Burrito

The United States Department of Agriculture is likely to approve a horse slaughtering plant in New Mexico in the next two months, which would allow equine meat suitable for human consumption to be produced in the United States for the first time since 2007.

I think the original ban was a stupid thing in the first place.

I don't really get why Americans at large have an issue with horse meat.
It has a sizable market throughout Europe, and I'm not talking the Albania part of Europe, but the culturally respected parts such as France, Germany, and Luxembourg.

I've never eaten horse, but I hear that it's pretty good food that I would certainly like to give a try.

I'll go one further, though.
Establish a hunting season for wild horses, just like we do with other invasive/non-native species (pigs, yeah?) who's environmental damage is legion.
There are too many feral horses out west, so many that BLM does need to round them up from time to time. Generally, not very adoptable, these animals largely end up in slaughter houses. Since 2007, they've been shipped to Canada and Mexico to enrich the economies there.
Now, maybe we can keep that economic activity at home, where it belongs.