Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I Was Wrong, Cont'd...

Body found on Corona freeway likely suicide
The body of a 51-year-old Riverside man was found early Tuesday morning, May 29, in the westbound lanes of Highway 91 at the Interstate 15 freeway interchange in Corona, where it appeared the man fell or jumped from the freeway connector road above.

Preliminary findings of the ongoing investigation suggest that the death of Robert Rowley, whose identity was released by the Riverside County coroner’s office, might be suicide, said Officer Maurice Walker, a spokesman for the Highway Patrol’s Riverside office. An unattended vehicle registered to Rowley was found on the connector road 80 feet above where his body was found.

The news story got the time wrong. I left the house at 2:30. This location is 25 miles south of that and I had stopped for gas. It was actually about 3:00 when I saw the man sitting in his car.

I should have followed my first instincts. If I did, he might likely still be here.
Damn, this has been a tough two days for me, but nothing compared to what his family is going through.
Pray for them.

Yes, I'm drinking. It helps right now.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I Was Wrong

I leave for work extra early for my week start-up duties. This usually means I'm on the road from 2:30 to 3:30 a.m. to arrive at the plant by 4a.m.
Generally speaking, at this hour I have the roads largely to myself.
This morning, while making the transition from one freeway to the next through a very high overpass I noticed a white car pulled over to the side at the very peak of the transition.
There is no stopping lane there, yet there is bit of a buffer... maybe one-half car width separating the striped lane from the 4ft high concrete safety wall/guard rail.
The running lights of the suspect vehicle were on, but not the hazards.
That's stupid, I thought. Somebody won't see that the car isn't moving and he'll be receiving a large freeway-speed enema.
And, that's one hell of a place for a breakdown. Why doesn't he put the car in "N" and roll himself down and out of the way?
As I passed the stalled car, I took a look to see if it was occupied. It was. Seemed the driver was just sitting and waiting.
I thought to pull over and lend a hand. This was an uber-bad place to be stalled. Somebody's gonna get dead if he sits there like that.
No, I kept driving.
Much too worrisome of a location to be playing Good Samaritan. Cars fly through this connector at 70-plus and all I needed was one of them to be caught unaware before my ass got imbedded into a radiator. Such an event would likely hurt a lot.
Besides, it won't be long before a cop came cruising through anyway. Better let the cop do his job while I arrive safely at my own.

I carried that distressed driver's face in my mind all the way to work.
Should I have?
Yes. It's always right to help another.
No. How stupid would it be to get radiatored over an imbecile?

I played a game of ethical tug of war in my head for the next 25 miles.

I got to work and set about tending to my duties... yet, that image of the dude behind the wheel stayed with me. It was nagging me.
Damn... I should have pulled over and got the dude off off the interchange.
No. If I did, I may not be here thinking about it right now.
Darwin's Law, ya know?. Let it be, or it could have been me that got Darwined.

Cal and Francisco arrived at the plant around 5am. They are usually a bit earlier but talked of the traffic jam.
Huh? The lanes are free flowing at 4:00.
"Dude, there was an accident or something, right where the 15 connects to the 91."
"Yeah, the freeway was closed for like a mile"
"Didn't you see it? There was a body lying in the road, and the coroner van was there. Three Highway Patrols, too"
Where was this?
"Right where that big overpass, under it"
"He wouldn't see it. He was coming from the other direction."
"Oh, that's right... yeah..."
"Dude you missed it."
What happened?
"I don't know. No smashed cars, so I don't know what kind of accident or something..."
Directly under the interchange?
"Yeah. Right under. It was just right there. The body was laying on the pavement."
I was visibly upset, and they noticed.
"What did you see?"
Just a car. Parked at the top the interchange.

That face in the window haunted me all day.
That face still haunts me now, 16hrs later.
I should have done something.
I should have listened to that voice in my head.
But which voice?
I should have stopped...
I wish I had stopped.
Fuck Darwin.
I should have stopped.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Reality Shows That I Appreciate

I've never gotten into reality programming in the past but it seems some producers  have finally hit on a few things I can get on board with viewing and sold their wares to NatGeo.

Yeah, all the good stuff seems to be on NatGeo now days.

What I like about some of these shows is that they provide the subjects a venue to explain themselves to outsiders on their own terms.

"Sister Wives",  featuring a Mormon polygamist and his four wives pulled this off probably the best of all of them. I enjoyed the first half-season before moving on. To their credit, they did a O.K. job of stating their case in the face of much detraction. I'm not a fan of the polygamy idea, but hey, to each his own. Live and let live.

"All-American Muslim", now defunct, showed me nothing that I didn't already know about American-Muslims from my years in my hometown of Anaheim. I thought it was important that the hicks, hayseeds, and christianist retards of the country see for themselves that these folks are really no different than the rest of us if given the chance.

"Wild Justice", is still my favorite. I like watching game wardens from my home state trapesing through the brush catching poachers. Well... I like the idea of catching poachers anyway. In this case, it's the scenery that grabs me, that part of California that is very unlike what everybody thinks California is.

"Amish Out Of Order" is another winner. It follows the lives of various Amish-raised young men after they leave the confines of their closed society and try to build life outside of it in the real world. Very informative from where I sit. Entertaining too, which is the whole point.

Like I said, reality programming such as this provides a platform for fringe groups, or 'societies existing out of the main' if you will, to present themselves in a brighter light. To tell their story, their way, on their terms.
Then there is "Navajo Cops".
(Insert great, big, fat, juicy ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!! here.)
O.K, you injun savages.
This is your chance to tell your story.
We gave you a camera and crew.
And all we get is one fucking drunken injun after another:
Drunken injuns performing domestic violence.
Drunken injuns shooting guns.
Drunken injuns living in trailors.
Drunken injuns driving trucks.
Drunken injuns getting drunker...

Hey, Navajos, did your tribal council actually approve of this message?
Now I know why some of my ancestry chose to become French.

**Bonus Cool Points if you could name the band in the photo. I doubt that even the illustrious Mr. D gets this one.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Doing My Duty

Fuck Brett Kimberlin.

Drunken Bully Cows

Police say a roving group of cows crashed a small gathering in a Massachusetts town and bullied the guests for their beer.
 Riter says the herd high-tailed it for the backyard and then he heard screaming. He says when he ran back there he saw the cows had chased off some young adults and were drinking their beers.
Cows. Can't trust them. Give them a beer and they'll take the whole case.

Friday, May 25, 2012

This Is Wrong

Straight up, pure, unadulterated wrong.

Still busy...
Hang tight, I will be back.

Sunday, May 20, 2012


OK, so I moved my computer last weekend, and just got around to plugging in the headphones today.
They won't work now.
Any suggestions?

Saturday, May 19, 2012


About half a block from my driveway.

Was gonna try to scoop him up, but I had nothing in the car to keep it with.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Trust Me

Apologizing for the lack of activity here. This move is still even bigger than I expected it to be.
Cramming two homes into half of a home is still a big fat bitch.
Trust me on this.

I don't know about you, but any cop intentionlly who pulls me over for doing nothing wrong is going to receive a big stinking piece of my mind.
Trust me on this.

This spring marks the the saddest advancement in medical history.
I love boobs. Big boobs, little boobs, all boobs. (Granted there are those sets I appreciate more than others.) All I ask is that the boobs I'm expected to appreciate be real.
Now listen up gals: Fake boobs are not boobs. They are fake boobs. They will make you look bigger, but not better.
Never get fake boobs, OK? Just don't.
Trust me on this.

I fully endorse this latest diet fad.
It works even better when the 'food' tastes like shit the first time, and even worse than that when you taste it again while vomiting.
You won't want your appetite after the first day or two.
Trust me on this.

Senators to Unveil the ‘Ex-Patriot Act’ to Respond to Facebook’s Saverin’s Tax ‘Scheme’. Yup! These are the same people who saw-no-evil over the Marc Rich pardon, and later installed his deal broker as Attorney General.
It's all bullshit, folks.
Trust me on this.

Proof that cats are more badass than dogs.
H/T: The Lumberjack
Trust me on this, too.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

The only difference between a good day and bad day is the size of the dose. The day was rough, but it's getting better.

Monday, May 7, 2012

New Neighbors

"This door frame is solid oak. I would rather you didn't drill any holes into it."
But oak is strong. It will hold the screws that much better.
"It's a selling point. If you don't buy the house, I lose part of my investment."
(No, I didn't. This is business. Any alterations on my part are submitted for his approval beforehand.)
Though I am free to make any 'improvements' I seem fit according to my lifestyle, Ed and I don't always agree on what qualifies as an 'improvement', so I bring it to him first.
Example: To me, Cat Doors (any Cat Door, anywhere), are an improvement. Ed is not always so sure about that. I am also a fan of bi-fold doors. Call me weird, but were it up to me, every door in the house would be a folding door. It's a fetish, I guess.
Like I said: This is business first. Friendship comes last in the list of priorities. I will not have it any other way.
If a buddy is willing to invest his cash in my future, I will honor that in every way possible.
I don't want him to lose a dime on my behalf, and I will remain committed to that principle.
I'm just amused at some of our differences. We don't see the property through the same lens, therefore I'm learning a lot.
This is a good thing.

One of the neighbor couples came over to present themselves and welcome me to the neighborhood.
"I hear you're into construction."
They lied.
I'm into de-wallpapering and painting.
"We heard the saw going late the other night."
Yeah, I was building some risers so my father-in-law could get into the house.

The neighbor directly across came by three days ago:
"Have you seen my cat?"
Umm... No.
What's it look like?
"She got out three days ago. I hope a coyote didn't get her."
It's a rural area. Maybe she's just enjoying the freedom.
(Yeah, right. Even I know his cat will most likely be found in a pile of 'yote scat.)
Same guy, name is 'Bob', came by again this morning, walking his fat little dog on a rope.
My home backs on to a greenbelt, and there is no back fence (yet.)
The dog had a noticeable gash/bite/puncture wound in it's side.
Hi, Bob!
"Every morning, we take a walk. Usually, we go through the yard into the greenbelt. She likes to walk there. Would it be OK if we went through there?" (The house has been empty for over a year.)
I'm thinking... this idiot wants to continue to use my yard to walk his dog?
Well Bob... I expect to be moving in full time in a couple more days. And it is my home, ya know?
(Sure, I could have, maybe should have, gotten snippy at this request. But I gotta live across from this guy for a while. I decided diplomacy was the best route.)
So, instead of 'are fucking crazy!?'...
I continued:
I officially took possession May 1st, but after you see the U-Haul this Thursday, I would rather you didn't. Thank you for asking, though. I appreciate that.
What happened to the pooch? She looks injured.
"She got attacked last night."
"I put her out to go potty, and something... a coyote or a wild cat, attacked her. We have an appointment in a little while to get her stitched up."
Examining the dog, I offered:
Likely a coyote. No scratch marks.
What time did you put her out?
"It was about 10:30 last night."
Don't do that.
(It turns out, he's a recent resident from the city. Moved in about five months ago. He don't know shit about rural life.)
Yer lucky she's so fat. Damn 'yote didn't know what he was biting into and she had time to escape. If you want to keep her, don't let her out after dark, or you go with her and carry a heavy stick.
The 'yote has your yard scoped out now. He won't make the same mistake next time.
"It was a rough night. Me and my wife didn't get any sleep, taking care of her..."
Dude, don't do that. Keep her in after dark.
"Yeah. I will now."
(Whatta dumbass.)
**Update: the vet thought the wound may have come from an owl talon. After more thought, I think an owl might be more likely.

The neighbors next door came by a few days ago. Kurt and Melinda.
He's a general contractor. She's a MILF.
Really, really, super-nice 30-something couple with three kids who seemed genuinely glad to meet me.
They were tight with the previous occupant and know all about the TLC issues that affect my new home.
"You were here at 10:00 last night. We heard the commotion."
That was just the drill and the hammer. I try to keep the saw quiet after dark. Sound seems to echo through the canyon.
"If you need anything, or need any help, just come on over."
Hehehehe... Dude... Your life will never be the same, again.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

From John

The link is to an article on the President's role in the raid on Osama bin Laden's house last year. As someone who grew up with the belief that bragging was not a great character trait I do find it a bit distasteful.

Read it, and the link.
So much to say.
Too damn tired to type it.
Just let it be known: Trying to fit 5 bedrooms/3200sf PLUS 2 bedrooms/1800sf into about 1800sf really does suck a big load of ass.
I haven't even started moving furniture yet.
Furniture that is hoped to fit through undersized doorways.
Go measure your door. You will find it to be the standard 36".
My largest doorway is 32".
Already informed the wife that half of this stuff will be chopped up for trash, cause it won't make it through any of the doors.
Life sucks right now, so why am I feeling better about it than I have in a long time?
I just don't know.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Self Reminder

The presence of right angles in housing construction is only an illusion, as are the flat walls.
Why do I always have to be reminded of this after I start something???