Sunday, May 30, 2010

They Can't Stay Cute Forever

I encountered Tully at some gay blog where he was making friends and discovering his true self expanding his intellectual horizons.

What it's been, like five plus years or something...?
Today, he's adding another wrinkle, and growing up way too fast for my preference.
He's too far away to buy him a drink, so I offer him this instead.
(Tully, I dont know if you've heard these guys yet, but you'll need to get yer hankie out for this one.)

Enjoy, my friend.

Happy Birthday!

*if you don't normally click on posted videos, I encourage you to make an exception for this one. It's the best version I've ever heard of one of western civilization's most classic folk songs.)


kr said...

Happy birthday, Tully!

tully said...

Thank you very much!
But just what are you implying I should need a hankie for? I swear! They're too young for my taste! I'm so over that!

tully said...

Actually, you're quite right...some tears well up. I didn't think the tone, at that age, could be so rich.

Thanks, KR.

tully said...

Isn't it a little ironic that three guys are together singing "O me alone"?