Thursday, May 20, 2010

Last year I enjoyed a five-day, worldwind tour of the Twin Cities region, along with a great time shared with many of the local blog community.
The main occasion, as most remember, was the wedding of Ben and Faith. I was seriously hoping to keep a promise to return this year, but resources kinda prevent that.

Instead, circumstances will take me to North Carolina this week for another wedding. This time it's my brother putting on the ball and chain, and I get to laugh at him in person. Sucker!

I'll be out for a few, will back soon enough, but with a little luck I may be posting before then if I'm bored and within arm's reach of a keyboard.


Jade said...

Travel safe and enjoy NC!

W.B. Picklesworth said...

Thanks for the reminder. I'd hate to forget my first anniversary. ;)

Have fun in Carolina.

Brian said...

Where in NC?

Mr. D said...

Have fun -- Minnesota's not going anywhere and we'll be here.

Anonymous said...

brian: fayatville/ft bragg.
good thing y'aint here no more, cause i wouldnt have the time that i'd like to.

what a weekend.
be glad when its over and i can ditch the tux.