Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Racists Exposed

OK, so there's this boycott of Arizona going on.
Whenever an economy gets pinched, who suffers first?

It's the laborors at the bottom of the skills chart.
People with less money don't pay for car washes, and start mowing their own lawns. Those with higher means let the nanny and housekeeper go.
Many times to be replaced with a wetback who will do it cheaper then the previous immigrant.

You ever seen a bidding war among lawn mower pushers? I have. And it gets even nastier when there aren't enough lawns to go around.

No traveling to Arizona means nobody needed to change the sheets at the hotel, or bus the tables in the restaurants.

So, it looks to me like the brown people, even the legally documented ones, are most likely to get hurt.

The economic downturns don't check for papers. The boycott is racist. And those calling for it are racists.


my name is Amanda said...

What a typical knee-jerk response to boycotts. Call them all racists! I'm afraid that all this conservative fascism is going to take away my freedom!

Ridiculousness aside Gino, the business owners are affected too, in a very direct way, and since they have more sway in the AZ gov than day laborers and aliens, their distress can actually cause change. Which is what boycotters want. It's perfectly legal to boycott, whereas the AZ law is likely to be found unconstitutional.

RW said...

If the brown people were the target it would be racist. This is kind of a stretch. Interesting try though.

Brian said...

There are plenty of poor and working class white folks in AZ, too, believe me. And lots of well-off brown people. As Amanda pointed out, a successful boycot puts pressure on business owners (not to mention the tax base), and that is exactly the point.

Gino said...

nah, i was just grasping for smart-ass-ness.

i'll give myself a C for effort,though.

Brian said...

To the extent I took you too seriously here, my lack of caffeine when commenting is at least as much to blame. Curve yourself to a B.