Saturday, July 3, 2010


Katherine Heigl stars as Jen, a gal who accompanies her parents on a vacation to Nice,France as a way of overcoming her latest breakup.
She meets Spencer (Ashton Kucher), they fall in love and quickly marry, unaware that he is a CIA super spy/assassin...

It's three years later, and Spencer's past has come back to trouble them as everybody they know, so it seems, is out to collect the large bounty on his head.

A dull and formulaic action-comedy type thing that never clicks, Killers basically sucks as cinema, and is barely average as entertainment. Also starring Tom Selick as the uptight, over protective father.

Pass, unless you like seeing Katherine Heigl looking cute, because, well... that's what she does. And she does it so well.
OK, so maybe it's not a total waste.

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