Saturday, July 31, 2010


So, the Rams have just signed rookie Sam Bradford to a record breaking 6-year, $78 million contract, with $50 million guaranteed.

I'm not faulting Bradford for anything he may be offered, but I think the Rams are being stupid.

Despite all of his success in college, and his obvious talents, he has yet to show that he can take the hits of the NFL level. He has yet to be hit that hard, at that speed, by that many.

The Rams better hope his bones are stronger than they've been tested at. If he gets creamed early, and can't play anymore, that's a lot of salary cash down the drain.


Mrs. D said...


I totally agree.

Brian said...

No kidding. The track record of success as a college QB translating to success as an NFL QB is spotty at best. The last OB I can think of who probably lived up to the hype coming out of college was who...Peyton Mannning, maybe?

Gino said...

and to think we still have the very recent history, as in... last month, of JaMarcus Russell. maybe the Rams never heard of him?