Saturday, July 10, 2010


And it looks like the JapBots had a field day on my absence.
Where is that Tully when you need him?


Mr. D said...

Where is Tully when you need him?

Hors de combat, apparently. Glad you're home, Gino.

tully said...

I assure you, I have been involved in the Japbot war, but I won't say on which side.

my name is Amanda said...

Welcome back!

"Japbot" sounds like racial slur, as it happens to encompass one.

Like how we say "Japanese Animation" rather than "Jap-animation."

(And I guess I always assumed the spam was Chinese characters.)

Mrs. D said...

Glad you are back home safe and sound Gino!

Quick question, since you do quite a few movie reviews on your blog, will you be reviewing Toy Story 3?

Gino said...

Mrs. D: Toy Story 3????
not likely, unless i find it contains violence or sex , intrique or something else that might interest me.

Amanda: yeah, i guess 'japbot' is slurful. but i think slurs are appropriate in this instance. but i'm still trying to settle in a proper slurful term containing ethnicity of origin. i'm open to suggestions.
(btw, 'jap' isnt always slurful. often, it is merely shorthand)

tully said...

Isn't Don Rickles even better than sex and violence? I think he's still playing Mr. Potatohead.

Gino said...

your assigment is to see and review Toy Story 3 for us.

Foxfier, formerly Sailorette said...

I'm pretty sure they're Chinese characters. (Japan uses similar ones, but when I put some of them in google translator it ID'ed as Chinese.)

Gino said...

and i think one of them was korean.

maybe i'll just call them GookBots and cover all bases?

tully said...

Doesn't "gook" apply specifically to Southeast Asians.

Gino said...

we await your toy story review,tully.

and no. 'gook' was originally meant for the koreans, and then applied southward as the bullets flew in that direction.

tully said...

Really? Thank you! How informative!

I'll try to get to a theatre this week with my little ones (cousins).