Saturday, September 17, 2011

Straw Dogs

It's been a long time since I'd seen the original and tell you the truth, I forgot about most of it, only being reminded through flashbackish deja vu as this version of Straw Dogs played itself out.
There are some differences in the story line: In the original, the protagonist is a nerdy American mathematician who accompanies his Lolita-ish wife to her home village in England.
In this version, he is a trendy Hollywood screen writer accompanying his television-star wife to her hometown: a rural backwater in Mississippi.

The psycho-thriller tension starts from the beginning as David Sumner(James Marsden) and Amy(Kate Bosworth) arrive in town to reclaim the gorgeous southern homestead that belonged to her daddy. The locals, one of whom is Amy's former boyfriend, immediately treat David with suspicion and disrespect. David responds with attempts to suck up and fit in where he could.

For the most part, David is a big weenie who lacks the balls to stand up to the local jerks who taunt and ogle his wife, much to Amy's dismay. One day they lure him out on a hunting trip and leave him stranded in the woods, taking advantage of the situation to rape Amy.

The rest of the story largely follows the original in reliable detail, and the wussy excuse for a husband eventually finds himself in the situation where he has to man up and fight for his and Amy's life.
Much carnage takes place, and it's pretty cool stuff.

I recommend this movie to anyone who:
  • Is interested in proper remakes of classic films.

  • Enjoys watching brutish redneck bullies get theirs.

  • Appreciates graphic and angry violence.

  • Likes seeing Kate Bosworth's slender and sexy legs dance before their eyes.

  • Appreciates watching Kate Bosworth's braless and pokie boobies bounce across the screen.
One major bitch on my part...
If you want to portray southern white tail deer hunting, hire somebody who has the first clue about it. If this movie is any guide, the uninitiated would would leave the theater believing that that rural Mississippi is chock full of Boone And Crockett class bucks the size of elk, and absolutely nothing else.

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