Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Seeking Overcast Skies

Had another pre-op visit with my doctor this morning. Had to do this pre-op because the previous pre-op became more of a postpone-op (or maybe I'll call it a tease-op?), necessitating updated paperwork, EKG, chest x-ray. They didn't need new blood work, so that was nice.

The doctor explained the hold up: There is this new device thingie that makes it easier to plant the implant into the proper implant spot in a way that is also less invasive.
'Everyplace' else has them, and is using them, even overseas (my Doc practiced/interned/studied in Europe for a while, as well as the United States, so he knows this).
My medical center has never used them. They are behind the times I guess, having farmed patients in need to other facilities. (Truth: my vocal paralysis/breathing issues don't come around very often.)
It takes a while for the directors of the facility to approve new-to-them equipment. This has been the hold up. I understand that, and why it is that way.

In the meantime, I'm off to see the great Northwest again. Gonna meet some friends and Daughter has a brewery tour scheduled for us. Plus, I'll be watching the Bears/Packers game from a rockin (so I've heard) Chicago Bears centered sports bar.


Mr. D said...

Have fun, Gino. Go Pack! ;)

W.B. Picklesworth said...

Enjoy the virtue of Patience. Go Pack!