Thursday, September 15, 2011

Damn It To Hell

I'm going to go crazy here.
Got another call from the Doctor's office this morning. Surgery for Monday has been canceled (bastards!), unless I want to go to a different hospital. Seems my hospital doesn't have all the stuff, something about material for the next implant, but the hi-tech, state-of-the-art equipment I've been waiting on is now here. Somebody goofed, maybe?

Well, the alternate hospital is a two hour plus drive away, at least. My regular hospital is already an hour away, but the extra additional hour-plus is a deal breaker. I don't want to put the wife through the extra distance and I've got jitters enough as it is to want to attempt a different facility (though a most excellent one) when I'm fairly comfortable with the whizz-bang staff at my regular shop.

So I asked, why not just drive to the other place, pick up the material, and bring it to my hospital. I'm informed that not that easy.
OK, fine... then I will drive there tomorrow and do it for us. How's that? Nope, still cant do.
Well, what is your issue then?
It's way more complicated than that. She says I'll just have to take her word on it. Nothing is simple when it comes to inter-facility activity, I guess.

Alright... seems I'll just sit on this for another two weeks.
It's not all that bad, economically. I'm actually taking home more cash being on disability during the traditionally slow season for my plant than if I had been going to work every day.
I planned it that way, actually. Just as I timed the previous two absences to coincide with the slow season.
Well, that first one from three years ago wasn't as planned, but it timed perfectly and lasted about nine months longer than expected... but those are complications (and posts) from a long time ago... history behind me now, and I prefer it that way.

The Wife suggests that maybe I just might desire to make the most of this downtime. She's right.
Thinking of cruising it northward again to visit my little girl for few days. The drive and scenery might do my attitude some good.


Foxfier said...

Sorry to hear.

It may really be much different-- the hospital my oldest was born at had to apply for multiple levels of gov't permission to put in extra maternity beds, and it took about a decade for the partial permission to be granted this non-gov't hospital. (They asked for permission to add something like a dozen, when they wanted six, and got permission for five. In a DECADE.)

Gino said...

for freakin maternity beds?!?!?!
i would expect maternity stuff to be rather basic since women in china drop their babies in rice paddies anyway...

Foxfier said...

Modern science (especially pain killers) is nice... modern gov't, not so much.

Gino said...

i'm dealing with two university hospitals in two separate counties, as well.

Foxfier said...


Brian said...

Sorry to hear it, G.

I hope the drive north does you some good. We're definitely into the cool and gray season, which I know a lot of people hate but I find calming, personally. All that sunshine was starting to make me manic.

My dance card is pretty full next weekend (wedding anniversary, among other things) but let me know when you'll be around.

Mr. D said...

Sorry to hear this, Gino. Sounds like a drive north would be good for ya.

Gino said...

Brian: 'overcast' is my weather preference at any time, and why i normally like vacations in fall and spring.
looking like i'll straddle the weekend and travel weekedays this time, thurs to thurs maybe...

MrD: the more i think about it the more its gonna happen. about 90% there now... :)