Monday, September 5, 2011


Claiming itself 'Frontier Whiskey', packaged in a medicine bottle with cork stopper...

My mind flashes to William Munny (from Unforgiven, and if you're cool like me you don't need the movie reference) liquoring up before his killing spree.

... It needs to awaken for a minute or two before complex scents of vanilla-nutmeg and fruited-leather come through. Successive pourings bring forth butter and corn, some oak.
Initial experience is rough. Abrasive and obnoxious. Not for boys. The rear burn and peppery tingle up front overwhelms whatever is sitting on the tongue, going down with a boot kick to the throat...
...smoothing out into a pleasant finish; now you want another pour. Chest hair is getting thicker and your testes have dropped an additional 1/2 inch.
Again, you want yet another pour 'cause it's tasting reeeeaaaaal good.

It grows on you. After several pours, I'm liking it very much and feeling every bit of that.
$20 at Trader Joe's.
Add some strut to yer swagger, 'cause this shit's for real.
(as I stagger my swagger to the sofa for a nap...)


Night Writer said...

After the fifth pour you have grown six inches and become bulletproof.

You can feel it coming, as Munny would tell you, we all got it coming.

K-Rod said...

Oh yes, a nice pour. I found it a bit smoother than your colorful description. The owner and another worker at the local bottle shop picked this over the Beam black label in a blind taste test.

I bought my dad a bottle of the Woodford Reserve over the holidays. Smooth, nice balance of sweet and spice... long finish... a bit overpriced but Dad is worth it...