Saturday, April 23, 2011

Your Highness

Remember 'Krull', that cool flick from the 1980's? Well, I do. This one is a lot like that:
The Prince is moments from marriage to the fair maiden of his dreams when some evil-doer enemy type dude crashes the party and kicks a lot of ass before running off with the bride-to-be... setting the stage for the great quest to rescue the maiden after first acquiring the exclusive unique weapon of special powers that, until now, nobody knew existed.

OK, now take that plot, add a whole bunch of bawdy humor, endless dick jokes, and stupid ideas and you'll have a mega-bomb titled Your Highness. Basically, a Weapon of Mass Artistic Destruction.

I've seen a few horribly bad films, like this one, or more comparable, this one.

This one is beyond that level of bad, with the character Isabel, well played by uber-talented Natalie Portman, the only aspect worth watching. Unfortunately, Isabel doesn't grace us with her presence until about 1/3 the way through.
But she does provide a tasty 'stripping down to a thong bikini' scene. I liked that part, but it's not nearly enough to recommend so much as a Netflix offering.


Brian said...

Bit of a step down from Black Swan, huh?

It's funny...I actually really like all of the top billed cast in this movie, and I really liked almost all of David Gordon Green's stuff that I've seen (not just Pineapple Express, but Snow Angels and All the Real Girls are quite good little films). And despite that, I have absolutely no desire to see this whatsoever, because it just looks so stupid.

Gino said...

a huge step down. she dont pick her movies very well, and has another out next month that will probably suck too.

i saw this with a old chum who IS infatuated with her. were i alone, i would have picked something else.