Monday, April 18, 2011

Still More Natalie

Taking over from where I left off on the previous post...

Natalie Portman's most recent film release, Your Majesty, contains a delicious scene wherein she strips down to a bikini before taking a dive into a cold lake. It's basically a gratuitous flash of flesh that adds little to the film itself, but that's not what's really important from a press angle.

Instead it seems that we have another mini-scandal on our hands. What? Say it ain't so.

I saw this movie recently (more on that later) and can say, as these images provide, Natalie did not use, nor need, a body double for her bikini scene. Instead, we have a situation where Natalie balked at diving into an icy lake and relied on a double to take the plunge in her place.

When you're the star, you can make demands such as this. And who wouldn't when given that option?

This is only 'news' in so far as it plays off the ballerina non-scandal, but has provided the model stand-in with a cheap dose of publicity over a flash of ass that lasted less than one second, if that.


Brian said...

So basically, you're in love with Natalie Portman.

That's cool...I could think of worse. She seems to be unusually literate for a movie star, and I kind of dig that myself.

Also, she was really great in Mars Attacks.

Gino said...

no. i have a fetish, but not along the lines that you may be thinking (pervert!).

maybe a post will explain...

my name is Amanda said...

Okay, if this is the Part 2 of 2 Black Swan post, then here is my comment:

The ballerina shouldn't have a problem with the job she completed for the film, unless the producers are either denying her pay based on shots, or denying that the shots in which her body was used are her. It doesn't at all sound like this is a money issue, so I would understand why the ballerina would be insulted to see her work credited to Natalie.

On the otherhand, it's incredibly stupid of the ballerina to imply that the dancing had anything to do with ACTING. To say that Portman did a lot of hard work is not to discredit real ballerinas.

ON THE OTHERHAND, the producers and director are totally being idiots about the topic, too. Instead of claiming to have analyzed all 139 dancing body shots and counted of the ones that were Portman, Aronofsky should have said "Duh, she got the Oscar for acting, not dancing. Idiots."

(WTF, is everybody here thinking that the Oscar had ANYTHING to do with the dancing?! The last I checked, the Academy Awards awarded acting!)

(Incidentally, I also have a BIG problem with the Academy Awards awarding impersonations, rather than acting or a well-told story - see: the way they behave over every biopic ever made, ever.)

Portman at least, is responding like an adult about it, and not participating in the conversation at all.

...And I'm gonna have to say, after thinking about it, the biggest idiots are Millipied and Aronofsky. Seriously, these are adult men with established, successful careers. They should be complimenting this 22-year old ballerina on the fine job she did, and seriously ignore the rest of the bullshit. Instead they act like immature nincompoops, and try to bad-mouth this foolish girl. People whose behavior - and art, and pronouncements, and claims - is beyond reproach, shouldn't have to scramble to cover their asses.

Gino said...

amanda: you saw black swan, right?

my name is Amanda said...

Yes, I saw it. I thought it was a beautifully made, but slightly ludicrous. Definitely directed at straight men, though.

Palm boy said...

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