Monday, April 11, 2011

Cat Run

I know a film is unremarkable when I couldn't remember that I saw it just a few days ago... Cat Run stars ... um... OK, let me look it up...

Spanish-born actress, Paz Vega.
Yeah, that's her. She supposedly stars. She's certainly the headliner, but her role is so limited it gets overshadowed by a supporting role. A shame, too.

I like Paz. She has that type of attractiveness that one only finds in the Euro theater, and misses the mark with the type of attributes that would spell s-t-a-r for American audiences: She's not blond, Playboy-style curvy, perfectly featured, nor overtly boobalicious. And she has bags under her eyes.

It's an over-the-counter attractiveness that smolders when combined with the right aura. She has it, and some acting talent as well.

On to the story, shall I?
Paz stars as a high-status prostitute servicing some state department officials in Montenegro when she becomes witness a scandalous cover up and finds herself a target for assassination.

In short, she gets chased all over Europe while the bodies pile up. Enough of that.

The show gets stolen by Janet McTeer. McTeer's character is a combination of Mary Poppins and Dirty Harry. Prim and proper, speaking a well-mannered polite form of Brit English, she dispatches her victims methodically, often with an unbridled cruelty. She's cold and unfeeling, exactly what you'd want an assassin to be. She's just brilliant.

Other than that, it's a very forgettable movie, with a mercifully limited run. You're glad you missed it.

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