Tuesday, April 19, 2011


In comments from the previous post, Brian queries that I am "in love with Natalie Portman".

Let me explain my fetish...
I saw The Professional way back in 1994. In that movie, also Natalie's debut, she plays opposite Jean Reno as a recently orphaned 12 year old girl from a troubled family.
A local hit man takes her under his wing and teaches her his craft, and the two embark on a loving father-daughter, domestic-type relationship. You know the story, I'm sure.

Natalie was about 13 years old when she acted in this film, and her role has been one of my favorite characters through the years in one of the most memorably awesome movies I've ever seen.

So yeah...
I have an interest in this actress on account of my being really impressed with the first time I'd seen her as a, let me repeat... 13 year old girl. She's intriguing, even if most of her movies suck.

And you gotta respect a potential up and comer who, when personally offered a blockbuster role by George Lucas responds with a 'Let me get back to you'.
It's a talent thing.
That's what it's all about.


Brian said...

Heh...just givin' you a hard time.

She is crazy talented, and yeah, I thought The Professional was her best...until I saw Black Swan.

BTW...I believe she was actually 11 when she did that.

Also, this:


Palm boy said...

Besides, she is is star wars.

Gino said...

i've never seen Star Wars. not a single one of them.