Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Oh, What the Hell...

Just get it over with.
Let's invade Tripoli, hang Qadafi and sons, and then leave the place to whomever is left.
Get it done in a week, OK?

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J said...

I have to wonder why we decided to choose this battle with all of the ones that we are in, and with the others that are going on in the area, and around the World right now. I heard that the rebels that are fighting against the current regime could be almost half made up of people with ties to some bad groups. It caused me to think of some of the reasoning behind the Invasion of Iraq like fighting them over there instead of over here. That had me come to the idea that maybe if enough of them, and even more now due to our involvement, even if it's not to the point of troops on the ground, or yet, are drawn away from Iraq that things could simmer down enough so that we can hand over control of Iraq to their people, bring our troops home, and claim victory.