Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Trend

It's just wrong.


tully said...

The beautiful part of the whole scenario is that when the turf fades over the years, football players will be playing on a pink field. That makes me happy.

Brian said...

Not just wrong...profoundly stupid. I guarantee that there will be more missed passes, misread plays, and probably more injuries on this than there would be on a green field.

Green is right in the middle of the visible on earth evolved around that wavelength so that we could see all the plants clearly (which are generally green.) That is band in which we have the highest acuity and the best contrast. On the edges, not so much (i.e., red or violet.)

Just think how hard it will be to see a small brown ball moving against an overwhelming red background.

Bike Bubba said...

What Tully says!

(is the Boise State field baby blue yet?)

Mr. D said...

Eastern Washington University has a bright red field like that, too. I saw it when EWU played a football game against Villanova.

I'd recommend if they're going to stuff like that, they ought to go with harvest gold shag.

(and, appropriately, the wv is "loomelo.")

Palm boy said...

Here's the line of the article:
"While that scrimmage was the first chance for any teams to compete on the cornea-blazing surface, the first officially recorded games will come on Thursday, when both the Canyon boys and girls soccer teams kick off the Comal Cup Soccer Tournament, beginning with the Cougars girls squad's game at 9:00 a.m."

The cougar girls are playing on this field?

There will be blood.

Gino said...

Brian, thats some solid info there. i never knew that about the colors, but i spend enough time hiding among the trees and the green stuff.

makes perfect sense. the defaults of creation are usually there for a reason.

tully said...

Palm Boy: Cougars don't stand a chance on that field. For women that age cataracts are already just around the corner, right?

Gino said...

i tully needs a cougar mauling.

Palm boy said...

Red fields like that may actually accelerate the onset of cataracts!