Monday, January 24, 2011

Off My Chest...

It's amazing the classless acts that make up the world of the NFL. Anyone that questions Jay Cutler's toughness is an egghead, a moron, and an idiot.(I have other words I can use, but I'm holding back.)

Maybe next time his O-Line throws him to the sharks, he should put on the show, insist on riding the stretcher to the locker room, leaving his backup to fend for himself instead of staying with his team on the sideline and coaching the new guy between snaps.

Jay Cutler is as tough as any man out there, who's taken more punishment due to an ineffective O-Line than any other QB in the game. And he's never once pitched a bitch about it.
He has my support, my full support, and these hometown 'fans' need to go fuck themselves. Preferably, with the wide end of a cheese wedge.


RW said...

I am strategically staying apart from this fray. In the first place there wasn't one person with half a brain who would have said, when the season started, that the Bears would be in the NFC Championship game just 8 points from the Super Bowl by season's end. People said, in August, they'd be happy to see their team get to 8-8.

In the second place this is all about perception and PR. In Chicago, and I've lived here a long long time now, the fans really want to like you. they want to like you and feel they know you and if you play along you could make tons of money around here even after your career is over. I can point to a slew of ex-Chicago sports guys from all sports who somehow keep making local commercials and doing local "analysis" on radio and local TV here beyond any actual use for their presence.

But they played it smart. they got in the fans' corner. they did the "lunch-bucket working class city with blah blah shoulders" crap and played it to the hilt and everybody just WUVS that. The problem is that Cutler is more like RW here than Ernie Banks; meaning he doesn't give a shit if you like him or not. So he's seen as a cold fish, someone who doesn't play along, somebody who is just not very friendly. Hence nobody has been able to figure him out. He has no PR protection because he doesn't play along with the nicey-nicey oh lookit our local hero bullshit that runs rampant in this town.

Don't get me wrong, I love my city and would rather live here than anywhere else, but that doesn't mean it isn't chock full of dubious morons who feel it important to project their goofy foibles onto a quarterback.

Jay Cutler is more a victim of his own intransigence as much as the local neurosis.

RW said...

that should read "Jay Cutler is AS MUCH a victim of his own intransigence as much as the local neurosis." I'm an ass munch.

Gino said...

thanks for the lesson, RW.

maybe cutler needs to be pulled aside and have a few things explained to him, for the money if nothing else.
i hear he visits the sick kids pretty regular, but wont do it when reporters are there.

W.B. Picklesworth said...

I agree that he's been unfairly criticized. I don't much like Jay Cutler, but that isn't the point. He's a dangerous quarterback who is plenty tough and he was instrumental in getting his team to the conference championship game. Lost in all of this is that Matt Ryan and Michael Vick didn't exactly have great games either. Give the guy a break.

Mr. D said...

RW is 100% correct on this.