Sunday, January 2, 2011

Little Fockers

It's been a few years since Greg and Pam Focker began their life of wedded bliss, chronicled in "Meet The Parents" and it's over the top sequel "Meet The Fockers".

Today's episode introduces us to the The Little Fockers: twins, one boy, one girl, about five years of age. The short: both kids are disrespectful shits who wouldn't survive the day in my home, and bring nothing of substance to the Focker saga. Enough of that.

The plot centers around Jack Byrnes' (De Niro) quest to anoint a patriarchal successor after brushing up against thoughts of his own mortality. As expected, this means putting his family, and more specifically his son-in-law, through hell.
Jessica Alba joins the cast as a perky and flirty pharmaceutical rep that's needs a bitch slappin'.

"Meet The Parents" was a very good comedy. "Meet The Fockers" was a decently entertaining follow-up. Many of the same themes are hit, same pranks, same gags, same characters, same yeah... whatever. It's old now, and much of it just falls flat.

A worthy Netflix pick, if you're really interested, but don't waste a theater ticket on this.

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