Thursday, January 13, 2011

For The Benster...

Baltimore Ravens @ Pittsburgh Steelers
Steelers. I see divisional rivals that are equally matched. It'll be a bitter struggle, but homefield will make the Steelers just that much more equaler.

New York Jets @ New England Patriots
Patriots. And they'll make it personal.

Seattle Seahawks @ Chicago Bears
Bears. Open wide, Seattle. Matt Forte is running this ball down your throat.

Green Bay Packers @ Atlanta Falcons
Packers. Atlanta is the better team, Green Bay is on an emotional high, it's a crazy year...
and I'm sincerly hoping I called this one wrong.

What say you, Benster?


Mr. D said...

I'll tell Benster to log in when he gets home from school. I pretty much see it the same way, but I'm wondering about my Packers a bit -- have noticed that the line has been going Atlanta's way in recent days, which suggests that the boys in Vegas aren't so sure about things.

You're definitely right about the Bears.

Gino said...

if Bears and Packers both win, you already know what that means, dontcha??

tully said...

What does Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernacke have to do with this?

Benster said...

Watch and learn, Gino. Watch and learn.
Ben out!

Kal said...

Ugh. Mother-effing Jets.

Gino said...

Kal? as in Kal Jones!!!

long time since you been around.
so, you gonna make a habit of this blog thin again, it looks like,eh...

welcome back.