Saturday, January 8, 2011

Predictions With Minimal Commentary

New Orleans Saints @ Seattle Seahawks:
Seahawks, as much as I'd hate to say it and only because it's a strange year.

New York Jets @ Indianapolis Colts:
Colts, if only to shut down the Jets' swagger.

Baltimore Ravens @ Kansas City Chiefs:
Chiefs, because Missouri is a way cooler place to be from than Maryland.

Green Bay Packers @ Philadelphia Eagles:
The cheese hype ends here.

*edited: So far, I'm 1-1 for this weekend. That is still one better than Mr. D and the Benster. Calling you out, Benster!

**re-edited: The D's stage a comeback, and I get blanked on Sunday. Hat tip, Benster,


W.B. Picklesworth said...

Yeah, I'm a little surprised by how the national commentators are so positive about the Packers. We certainly CAN beat Philly, but I really don't think that we should be favored. I haven't seen the line on the game, but I've heard lots of folks picking Green Bay and I think that's a stretch.

Yes on the Indy.

I hope so on the SeaHags.

Go Chiefs!

my name is Amanda said...

I'm enthusiastically onboard with the notion of the Saints, the Jets, AND the Packers all going down. - And utterly indifferent in the case of the Ravens/Chiefs.

Yea Football!

Mr. D said...

Take a bow for calling the Seabags game, Gino. I'll let Benster respond to your callout in his own inimitable style.

As for the Pack, there are two reasons to think they'll win today: they already beat Philly in Philly this year and they have played better down the stretch than the Eagles have. There are two equally good reasons to assume the Eagles will win: home field will count more in the playoffs and Michael Vick can disrupt anyone's defense.

We picked Green Bay, but we're shameless homers. So your mileage may vary. By the way, I'll be picking the Bears next week no matter whom they end up playing.

Gino said...

Mr D: this is certainly looking to be one of those 'any given sunday' kind of playoffs. thats whats fun about it.

i think Packers, Bears, Seahawks and Eagles are evenly matched where the winner can be anybody. the falcons, tho... the better team, but not unbeatable.

Benster said...


Glad you graciously gave me a shout-out for my superior picking skills. Ben out!