Friday, October 1, 2010

For RW

Still there.


Anonymous said...

Are you telling them the mountain is still there, or the motel is still there? KD

Gino said...

the Hi-Lo motel/cafe.
mt shasta is still there,too.

RW said...

HI LO!!!!! Oh my God. Me and a buddy were sitting here having chili and black coffee on a Sunday and talking about what a beautiful place this was. My pard goes "yeah if we could find work here we'd probably stay."

And no sooner were those words out than a middle-aged guy comes up behind us and says "we could use some guys down at the lumber mill. Show up Monday and we'll talk."

This was the early 70's.

My partner hitched north to Portland and I hit the road for home Sunday night. No idea why. And many's the time I've wondered how everything would (may) be different if I'd stayed.

Thanks Gino. I had no idea it was still there (and no idea I remembered the name right!)

Gino said...

and ya know what else? as i was cruising through town, i was thinkin much the same thing: what a beauty place to live, but is there work?

so you never made it north of there? you missed out big time. weed is just the begining of paradise.

RW said...

Work was all over the place in the early 70's. If a mill owner is telling two strangers to come by Monday, there's work. But is there work now? Probably not. Like everywhere else.

But that fresh mountain air and the night chill... ahh.

I headed home because I was running low on gas and funds. As a matter of fact I ran completely out of gas in Iowa.

It was a different time...