Monday, October 18, 2010

I am staunchly opposed to the de-clawing of cats. It's cruel, painful, sacrilagous and just all out sucks.

But, after working with Grayson for two weeks, I can understand why some choose that route. I must've given half-pint of blood so far. This guy is brutal.


Foxfier, formerly Sailorette said...

I rather like how my mom explained it to me-- "they cut off the last joint of the kitty's fingers." (I was less than five, so she had to use rather simple words....)

Wish I could loan you some of Sano's zen-calm. He just sort of curls up in my arms while I clip his nails.

(they're a little deformed, but I refuse to use the rubber claw covers, they get nearly an inch long and razor sharp in about a week, and he isn't very careful with them when running over one's foot)

Jade said...

That's how I feel about people who de-bark their dogs, and clip the wings of their birds.

"I don't like the noise." - Then WHY did you get a dog?

"I don't want it to fly around" - Then WHY did you buy a bird?

If they wanted an ornament for their house, they should've bought a statue.

Foxfier, formerly Sailorette said...

Oooh! Ooh! I loved my pretty little fake-cat-- the ones made of dyed rabbit fur?

When I got to my first duty station, I was dying for animal contact. Found it in a frufru newage store. My folks have it on their treasure shelf, since I've got a barn cat now, but it worked, and didn't claw or need to be fed at all!

RW said...

I never understood wanting to have an animal in the house in the first place. I think it's weird. No matter how you handle it you eventually have to deal with animal shit, whether it's in a pan or in a yard. And I'm not dealing with animal shit. That's it.

We saved a greyhound once and I'm glad we did it and I was sad when we had to put it down. But before I could cut the grass in the yard I had to pick up piles of dogshit and they were practically human size. And this was voluntary. Wtf??

I'll let the people who want pets have them and do with them whatever they want; claws, no claws, who cares. Just don't put any animals in my house. Ew...

Gino said...

foxfier: i've never had to clip claws befor. it looks like i'll have to learn. this guy's claws are HUGE. but he loves rough play, and his claws stick to flesh like velcro.
not mean streak in his bones,though.

jade: dogs should be debarked. all of them.

rw: shit happens.

Foxfier, formerly Sailorette said...

You may want to invest in those 20 dollar pet nail-snippers; if he doesn't hold still well, you could hurt him with the plain nail clippers I use. (baby nail clippers work the same as the normal human ones)

RW said...

not in my yard.

Mrs. D said...


Can we borrow Grayson? We have caught four mice in the last six months. We have lived in our house for twelve years and never saw a mouse for the first eleven and a half years. We had to call the pest control guy.

Did I mention that I HATE MICE?!!!

Bike Bubba said...

I killed a mouse with a rubber mallet once. My oldest daughters still laugh about it, and it's far better than when my dad shot a skunk in the garage.

Gino said...

mrs d: now would be a fine time to get maria that pet she's been asking for.

bubba: they have snap traps. and the kids will only play with them once.

Anonymous said...


Sounds like he is still in the psycho kitty stage. Maybe you should wear your hunting jacket and some canvas gloves when playing with him for now? ;)

Never trimmed a cat's claws. Would probably have a vet or grooming service do though. Be too nervous about cutting too short etc.


Gino said...

squeaky: not quite that psycho stage. he's full grown, supposedly about 2yrs old.

but he does have some babyish about him.

of course, as he was a stray, i'll never know when his birthdate is. but the vets are normally pretty good at pegging their aprox age. they look at things like what teeth have come in, etc...