Sunday, October 31, 2010

My Weekend

When I bought this place two years ago it was still relatively brand new. The previous owner hadn't been in it long enough to do anything before the bank took over, after which it sat for eight months. And every room looked just like this:


And blah.

I finally got to the last upstairs bedroom this weekend. Referred to as The Shop. This is where I kept all my tools, paint and what-not while I worked on things upstairs. It's last function was a transition room for Grayson.

It's not sterile-white anymore:

The wall color is called "Museum", by Frazee paints. It's like a tan.

Border was Wife's idea.
I'm please with the result, and Wife is thrilled, so that means I win.

I'll be on vacation next week, so the closet, trim and base boards can wait til then.

I'd run the vacuum, clean the windows, and hang the curtains ... but that's women's work.


Bike Bubba said...

I was thinking minty green and pink would be more your style, Gino!

(runs for cover)

Gino said...

if i did choose that scheme, it would turn out fabulous!