Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Spousal Discipline

According to a ruling by a Supreme Court in the United Arab Emirates, Islamic sharia law allows a man to “discipline” his wife and children so long as he doesn’t leave physical marks.

The commentators, up to and including that Pamela Gellar , are going to have a field day of their own with "The Muslims are coming... " and similar rantings, so I'm not going there any further than to reiterate that I believe Pamela Gellar to be a hate mongering bitch who calls for everybody else to fight Arabs in support of her Israeli homeland while safely ensconced behind her keyboard in New York.

OK, enough of that. Let's flip this around.
We will call it SHE-ria Law.

And this goes out to the women.
She'ria Law allows a woman to discipline her husband so long as she doesn't leave physical marks. O.K. Maybe a few marks, if it's a particularly repetitive offense.
Now, for discussion:
What insubordinate act annoys you the most?
What offenses should a husband be disciplined for?


my name is Amanda said...

I don't consider any irritating thing my partner does as "insubordination." (And he never does anything purposely to make me unhappy.) There are things that we each request that the other person do, or do not do; being in a relationship is about weighing the pros and cons of each other's willingness to do or not do these things, against our mutual desire to stay together. Therefore, neither of us is disciplined by the other. In fact, pointing out that the other person seems to want to discipline or punish the other for something, is a handy safety net against destructive or controlling behavior.

Although if I had to point out one of the irritating acts committed by my partner, it's a toss-up between constantly stealing my towel and leaving the garage door unlocked.

Maybe the towel thing.

Sorry if this was supposed to be a funny response. :p

Foxfier, formerly Sailorette said...

Elf is a blankin' quasi-agnostic saint. Manages to both put up with my random bad moods, deals with me blowing up or breaking down when the pressure of "must be a good example for Kit" gets to be too much (generally during nap-time) and still isn't a doormat.

Any idea how hard that is to find?!?!

I think his biggest thing is that he left dishes piled in the sink the couple of days we were gone.... He has no money sense, but that's a cultural thing.

lumberjack said...

What do you say to a husband who's got two black eyes?

Nothing. You've already told him twice.

Brian said...

Sorry, I know this was supposed to invite jokes but I've got nothing.

"...so long as he doesn't leave physical marks."

Two things come to mind, here:

1) I think the most telling part about this is that it doesn't address at all what a man can discipline his wife and children for. In other words, this is a blanket provision allowing him to beat them for any reason he sees fit.

They may build malls and shit in the UAE, but that doesn't mean they have adopted a western outlook on individual rights.

2) The whole "leaving no marks" standard is one of the main reasons "enhanced interrogation techniques" such as waterboarding and "stress positions" are used to break prisoners down, rather than simply beating the hell out of them. Nice, huh?

Gino said...

i didnt quite see #1 in there brian.

in islam, a man is charged with the well-being of the family unit. if his family falls apart, it is he who will answer most strongly before God.

oh shit, i have a post here.
coming... up...