Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Jobs American (Kids) Won't Do (But Should)

Department of Education officials are investigating after students at a Bronx school claimed they were forced to clean toilets as a punishment.

Some students at In-Tech Academy in Kingsbridge say they were assigned janitorial duties as part of their detention as recently as last week.

"After school the principal came in with the inspector lady and she was like 'Oh, everyone has to pitch in and clean the toilets and stuff.' So we was cleaning them and we had to clean around them and nasty, it was just mad nasty," said one student.

"Like that's not cool, like making kids clean toilets like that's not how that should go," said another student.

The DOE says if the allegations are true, appropriate action will be taken.

The text is the link.

If you ask me, it's a not a good sign when unruly teenagers are not expected to clean up their own crap.
Why not, is that supposed to be the wetback's job?
If you ask me, a spoiled generation of kids are the ruin of a great people.
Next time, give them toothbrushes.
And no texting allowed til the job is finished.

A beneficial side effect... maybe the lavs at this high school will stay a little cleaner from here on.


Palm boy said...

If those running the education system haven't been expected to clean up their crap for 50 years, why should these students?

tully said...

m clning JCU lav rt now
got new Iphn
Jsuits sooo bmmr!

RW said...

I hate to say it, but around here the white boys think they're entitled and don't have to work in a shop. So we hire them and they last maybe two days. The Mexican kids are here early, every day, and ask for overtime. I recognize that my small sampling in the trades I'm in doesn't amount to much, but if I was a narrow minded idiot who couldn't think past ten feet in any direction around him I'd say young white people are lazy as well.

Bike Bubba said...

On the light side, it probably was a violation of union rules. :^)

That said, if the bathrooms are filthy nasty, isn't it generally the students to blame? Well done, In-Tech.

Gino said...

RW: the same experience here. cant keep a white kid, that is if he even applies. i guess i'm one of the few exceptions.

this article, though, has mostly nonwhite kids crying and moaning. i think its just this new generation of american kids that suck, no matter who their parents are.

bubba: i wouldnt be surprised.

RW said...

We hired one guy once, and sat him down in his orientation where he had to read the required safety rules and sign off. He sat there for twenty minutes after punching in and then came out of the room and said he had to move his car. Not thinking everybody said, oh okay... and he got in his car and blew. Gone. Shortest damn tenure I ever saw. Pleh... white boys...

Anonymous said...

Good for the school! Going by how my kids say a large number of their classmates behave, I do tend to think it is an attitude thing more than a skin color thing.

And the condition of the bathrooms is most definitely the result of the kids.

Makes you wonder what they are being taught at home, or if they are being taught because the parents do everything for the kids.


Jade said...

Best way to teach kids how to care for something is to make them responsible.

My daughter once painted over the edge of her paper, directly onto the basement carpet. We have messy stuff in the basement because I don't care too much about that carpet, but painting directly on it was not OK. I didn't get mad, I had her scrub her mess... she has only painted at her table since, and wipes her table clean on her own.
(Same can be said for the bathroom sinks... there is a lot less toothpaste mess since I had her scrape it out... now she rinses it out more after each brushing)

Brian said...

Between this being public school (in NYC no less, home of the "rubber room"), a (likely) unionized custodial staff, and (probable) liability issues with kids handling dangerous chemicals such as bleach, there is more or less infinite potential for this investigation to become an epic confluence of stupid.

Sometimes I wonder why I bother leaving the house.

Foxfier, formerly Sailorette said...


Wish they COULD put kids on detention under supervision of the cleaning staff....