Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Gen. Stanley McChrystal

If George Bush was President, I wouldn't be hearing all variety of talkers from the Right make excuses for Gen. Stanley McChrystal's comments. They'd be foaming at the mouth and calling for his destruction.
I'm not smearing all. Some are rather consistent.
Sure, nearly all are agreeing, if not grudgingly, that his removal was justified. But the overall tone is definitely different from what I was expecting.

The whole mess is unfortunate for the nation on a few levels.
But I don't know what misfortune is greater: That a man with a career as stellar as McChrystal's could be so careless with his professionalism, or that a man as careless as McChrystal could have had such a stellar career.


Palm boy said...

In answer to your question, the former.
He probably figured no one reads the Stone anymore, so he could say whatever he wanted.

Mr. D said...

That's a great observation, Gino.

RW said...

The sad thing is that there's some dirty little nutjob sitting in the hills on the Pakistan border reading all about this on his iPhone newly ready to go another ten rounds with us because it makes us look like we're in disarray. Such a brilliant career. WHAT was he thinkin'?

tully said...

Palm Boy: What is that profile picture supposed to be? It looks like the cover for a dime-store thrift edition of Atlas Shrugged!