Thursday, June 10, 2010

Blogger new template designs look interesting, and refreshing.
I got one in mind.

What say you?
Keep this, or try another?


my name is Amanda said...

I don't have a problem with your current template, but it might me fun!

Gino said...

was thinking the same. only thing is, i cant save this one if i dont like the new one.
i've customized it and its too much trouble to do it again.

but ...
that new one i'm kinda liking.

Anonymous said...

Saw them. Girl trying to talk me into doing my own. Basically she wants to design, but have me do the writing. I do like the template she chose, easier to read for me at least.

Can you still get to your old such is life blog? The link is still working. Play with that one and see what you think.


my name is Amanda said...

Actually, can't you save the template? You would ask Blogger to show you the expanded HTML, copy it, save somewhere. (I have a private dummy blog I use for experimentation, but Notepad in your Accessories would be fine IMO. Also Blogger use to prompt you to download the code and save it in a folder, so that's probably still an option.) Anyway, saving would allow you to safely monkey around. As you know. :)

Gino said...

thats an idea. i never thought to copy it. (duh!)
and thats what i did. made changes to the html.took lots of goofing around.

tully said...

I'm glad our society has reached a stage at which it can busy itself with such things. I really am.