Thursday, June 3, 2010


I've been doing this blog thing for a while now. Before that, it was message boards and similar communities.

Along the way, I've encountered many interesting folks, and consider it a flattery that some still visit after all these years... despite that on many occasions my musings and opinions may be pig-headed, ignorant, stubborn, misinformed, undereducated and/or just plain retarded.

The door is left open for a reason because for me, besides entertainment, I do what I do for the community of it.
Without you all, blogging would suck.
And is why I'm extremely tolerant of individuals. Nobody is perfect, nor totally flawed.
It is for this reason that everybody, even a moronic pus-for-brains drooler, is welcomed to add to the chatter.

But if you're coming here just to be a dick, I would appreciate it if you'd find another venue where you can wag your little winky around and others might think you're cute and bestow the kind of affirmation you crave.
It's past old.
Now, do us all a favor and stay the fuck away.


tully said...

Well put. I like to play. Lately I'm not into politics with enough seriousness to do much more, but I enjoy this blog for my purposes. Playful as I am, I've decided that there are some people I won't be playing with any longer. When I come to these decisions, I can be rather serious about them. So, here I give you my word, and hope to continue my visits on this basis.

Brian said...

I have no idea who you might be talking about.

Jade said...

Wil Wheaton says... "Don't be a dick" :)

tully said...

Great! I've been outdone in profundity by a comment that links to a penis-enlarging device!

Brian said...

The singularly approaches. If we were all replaced by boys would anyone notice? Hell, maybe it has already happened!

Brian said...

Bots not boys. Damn smartphone.

See what I mean?

Gino said...

i thought word verification was supposed to stop the bots.

and why are they all asian bots?

tully said...

It kind of perpetuates a certain stereotype about Asian men having small penises. No doubt an untrue one.

Gino said...

i wouldnt know.

is this something you picked up at andy's?