Friday, June 18, 2010

And They Just Might Name An Ice Cream After Him

An American construction worker detained in Pakistan while on a solo mission to kill Osama bin Laden claimed on Wednesday that he was obeying an order from God to avenge the Sept 11, 2001, attacks, said Pakistani security officials...

Gary Brooks Faulkner said God revealed the order in one of his dreams, prompting him to travel to Pakistan in search of al-Qaida's leader, said two security officials, one of whom is part of a team of investigators questioning the American...

Catching bin Laden was 50-year-old Faulkner's passion, his brother Scott Faulkner said.

A devout Christian with a prison record, Faulkner has been to Pakistan at least six times, learned some of the local language, and even grew a long beard to blend in, relatives and acquaintances said.

"Our military has not been able to track Osama down yet. It's been 10 years," Scott Faulkner told reporters in Denver.

"It's easier as a civilian, dressed in the local dress, to infiltrate the inside, the local people, gain their confidence and get information and intel that you couldn't get as an American soldier, Navy SEAL, whoever you might be."...

So, this guy thinks disguising himself as Jerry Garcia will get him to where he wants to go.
He's not really that far out as our Special Forces teams also forego shaving and hygiene when deploying to Afghanistan.

But seriously, this Gary Faulkner guy cannot be allowed to continue on his plan.
Can you imagine the egg-on-face of three previous administrations after untold thousands of Special Ops, drone strikes, year-long deployments for our military, and xillions of dollars fail to accomplish what one man, on a mission from God, might do?

Our governement could never live that down.

Now I'm thinkin... Who says 'drones' need to fly? or that Special Ops need be all that specialized? This guy may have the stones to go where he wants, and we already know he's crazy enough to try.
Personally, if I were calling this one, I'd shove a Lojack up his backside and send him on his way, guided by God as he says.

And why not? We've tried everything else.


Palm boy said...

What is most baffling about this story is the current $25 million reward offered for the capture of Usama Bin Ladin by the FBI.

What was he doing wrong?

Brian said...

The bounty should be $500 million. And we should look the other way if American bounty hunters go after it. (Though it is understandable the Pakistanis may not feel the same way.)

RW said...

God told him to kill bin Laden, whom God told to kill Americans, who think that God has blessed them above all other people. Well it isn't any wonder to me if atheists end up having to sort of scratch their heads over this deal. Especially since God told ME we should all stop fighting in his name in the first place.