Thursday, April 5, 2012


Seems most of us like it.
Hooray for us!

My usual method is served up crisp with fried eggs and toast. This I can do at home.
What I grew up with, back in Gardena with all those Japanese walking around, was a sort of sushi called Spam Musubi, and served warm.
It's a classic Hawaiian treat.

It's still a regular side order for me when I hit the ramen shops back in that town I do not call 'home' when visiting Mom.

If given the chance, try it. The salty sweet of teriyaki-marinated Spam compliments very well with the sticky-style rice wrapped in a crisp and savory seaweed paper.

Someday, I'll make it at home. The idea has been on my bucket list for years.
It's a workable portable snack that travels as well as a sandwich.


Brian said...

The version I've had was more nigri-style, with the nori just sort of belted around the middle to hold it together. But the same idea, and yeah, really tasty.

There's a Korean/Hawaiian taco joint in the neighborhood that makes killer spam sliders. I'm sure they have that in your general neck of the woods, too.

Foxfier said...

Very, very easy to make-- even if you're all thumbs!

Night Writer said...

I like my Spam sliced thin, fried crispy and served on toast with lettuce and mayo. My daughter, the Mall Diva, loves Spam as well, but the rest of the family abstains.

The Spam Museum is in Austin, MN, just a short drive down the highway from the Twin Cities, Gino, so you should plan to take that in on your next visit rather than spending all your time at Cabela's or the Mall O'Murica!

Vanesa Littlecrow W. said...

I know what I'm having for dinner today!

Foxfier said...

*grumble grumble* I can't, it's Good Friday.

Can't have it Sunday, either, my folks will be here for Easter....

Ooh... wait... *evil grin* That would be both funny and I think mom might like enjoy trying it, plus it's one of my husband's favorites.....

Thanks, Vanesa!

Gino said...

Brian: there are variations of the dish. some have scrambled egg, too.
i prefer the full wrap, with the crispy crunch in every bite.