Monday, April 9, 2012


Nothing much inspires me lately.

Time to play the Ask Gino meme.

Go ahead and ask me about anything. I'll try do my best with it.


Brian said...

Dream vacation. Assume money and logistics are no object.

Mr. D said...

Who is your favorite Bears middle linebacker, and why?

Gino said...

Mr D: Urlacher, cause he's still playing. and he's a beast.

Brian: my dream/goal has always been to drive the perimeter of the nation with added forays into canada.

some day i will get to it. eating clam chowder in boston harbor would be too cool. and i'd like to see that freedom trail thing, and various battlegrounds.

Vanesa Littlecrow W. said...

What's the greatest film of all time, in your opinion?

K-Rod said...

Any thoughts on bourbon? I have another selection up at Stark Raving Sane - Don't Go IN blog.

Gino said...

Vas: A Clockwork Orange. hands down.

K Rod: i havent tried anything new in some time, but my thoughts on bourbon are always in the positive.