Friday, April 20, 2012

Do I Dismiss This With A Sigh?

Oh Wow, seems I've been switched to New Blogger without my intent. It's happened before, a few weeks ago. Guess I'll have to correct that again.

Maybe New Blogger is better, maybe it isn't.
I'm not much interested in finding out if I don't have to.
I'm a tech caveman at heart. I resist new tech.
It's fine for those that dig it, but I'm not with the 'those'.
I don't want to learn the 'new and improved' stuff when I've been cruising along just fine with the old stuff. New buttons and beepbeeps just confuse me and invade my comfort zone.
I bet if I had been born Amish I would be loving it.
Sometimes I feel as if I'm partly tech-Amish already.
Change is good for diapers, dreamers and politicians to hawk. Not for its own sake when it's only purpose is to disrupt the minds of guys like me.

Speaking of changes...
Looks like it's about time to change the battery in my car. It's getting all fuzzy and corroded along the posts. This will be the first time I ever changed out a car battery before it actually failed me. ya know what's cool about it? It's a factory original. 2004. Yeah, Eight years old. With the exception of brakes, tires and radiator cap, I've had to replace/fix nothing on this car. Eight years. 150,000 miles.
I should probably see to that timing belt real soon, too.
It's a Hyundai. My next car will be, too.
Thank you, Republic Of Korea, and to the veterans who fought for it to be.

Speaking of Korean exports, my dentist is cool. He's a one man operation aided by an English proficient receptionist. No matter how full his schedule is, he can fit me in for a cleaning at an hour's notice. He does it all: Dental work, Hygienist, ex-rays...
When other dentists have all the latest electric comfy chairs and tech gadgetry (like digital x-rays, televisions, and what do you call that thing where you 'sign' your name on a consent form with a pen that doesn't write and it appears on a PC screen across the desk?) Yeah, he got none of that.
It's like stepping back into the 80's or something. Maybe even the 70's.
Best part is the dude is really sweet and he knows what he's doing.
Across the boulevard is a fully technified and modern dentist office with a huge staff and all the whizbang bells and whistles. It takes 2-3 months to get a hygienist appointment. And then they try to sell you the expensive procedures your insurance won't cover. Those guys suck. And their dentists aren't that good, either.
I'll take competent, effective, 'back to the 80's' dentistry from a Korean whose English I can only understand 1/3 of the time over the alternative.
My dentist rocks.

Things have been busy here of late. Really, really busy. So busy, if had a mind left I'd be losing it. I'm moving. Short story: can't keep the house (Yeah, that killer house I used to be able to afford) and had to find another place to live. A big step down, but I'm welcoming it. Really, I am.
But trying to fit a 5br/3200sf house, and a 3br/1500sf house into the 'about' 1800sf I'm moving into (along with my Father-in-Law who can't keep his, either) is proving to be a big bag of suck.

I'm still waiting for the current administrations of the United States and California to offer up a good reason why they both need another term. Like too many others, I'm getting tired of circling the drain.
Today, my plant was toured by Jose Solorio(Mexican-Democrat,Anaheim), a state assemblyman. Supposedly, our union president was there to greet him and inform him of his sins, which include raising the costs of doing business in California. To quote the rep: "I told him, keep driving out the businesses and there won't be anybody left to pay those taxes you wanna raise."
Seriously, we are fighting for our jobs here. Fully one-third of my plant hasn't worked a full, 40hr week since last October. And this worthless shit-for-brains wants to raise business taxes to cover the deficit.
You'd think he would at least have the class to shake a few working-man hands while he was there. You'd have thought wrong.
Doesn't matter, I guess. He'd just stab your back as he shakes your hand. That's what they do in a land ruled by monkeys.
Which we are.
You got that, Solorio? I called you a fucking monkey.
To do so insults monkeys, so I apologize to monkeys everywhere.
But only to the monkeys.
California politicians should be apologizing to me, cause they suck.

Rule by higher-intelligence apes would be an improvement.


Foxfier said...


Wish I was closer to... damn, I don't know, there isn't anything I'd be able to do if I was closer, but I'd at least be able to set there, drink a beer and be sympathetic.

W.B. Picklesworth said...

Heck, I think retarded apes might be an improvement.

W.B. Picklesworth said...

Heck, I think retarded apes might be an improvement.

Night Writer said...

I wouldn't shake a representative's hand. Not after all the poo-flinging those monkeys do.

Here's an interesting story and link that I think covers your situation, and the nation's, Gino:

Gino said...

they say things are supposed to better, if only a bit, than before.
all i know is that i still see people losing their jobs. some are friends of mine.

i still have a job, barely, so i'm lucky.
i think. ;)

if i lose it, i'll just go to GA and pitch a tent on that land i cant sell.

Bike Bubba said...

Hang in there, Gino. Hopefully somebody wakes up soon, both in Sacramento and DC.