Sunday, April 29, 2012


So how's the new pad coming along?
Steadily and surely.

This is what I walked into, for the most part. Seems the previous occupant had a nasty fetish for pinkish wallpaper. It's everywhere.
Bedroom #2 was a freakish serenade of hideousness.

Not one, but two layers of pinkish wallpaper adored this space.
Seeing as how this same space would be housing my 86 year old father-in-law (a life-long football coach, who was only kept off the Los Angeles Rams O-line by an career ending injury), who isNOT a pink kinda man, a re-coloring was beyond called for.
He picked the color, and I went to work.
Really, I went to work.

Whoever put this shit up (and in this case, 'shit' is the proper term for it, may they rot in Hell) did a damn good job (make that two Hells).
They used a lot of glue.

I scrapped and scrapped. A soaking with a water bottle helps a lot. There's gotta be a better, easier way to remove wall paper. I just don't know what it is yet.

The pic shows half way through the job. If you look into the bag of trash, you see the pink stripped shit that was on top.

Today, I finished the re-painting, most of it anyway. Still gotta add some finishing touches to the trim and drag the vacuum around.

It's looking better, if I should say so myself.


John said...

Nice job, you wouldn't happen to have a steamer laying around would you? Soaking with water and then steaming helped me.

Bike Bubba said...

Steamer, and pray that whoever applied the stuff primed the sheetrock before they put it up. Wallpaper on bare sheetrock takes off the paper of the sheetrock.

And it's probably too late, but you can paint over some wallpaper, as long as it's not plastic and impervious.

Gino said...

John: the steamer didnt work as well.

Bubba: it was already apart at the edges. painting it would have looked unfinished and shabby/rough at all the seems.

Palm boy said...