Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Lamest Generation

Health officials on Tuesday reported the rise of a troubling new trend in Southland emergency rooms: teenagers being treated for alcohol poisoning after drinking hand sanitizer.

I remember standing outside the liquor store asking somebody to spot for me. And it never took long to get what we were after, either.
Today's kids just ain't as creative as we were back then.
Lacking in the social graces maybe?
Too much time spent indoors and online have left them unable to function publicly among others, I guess.


Brian said...

I blame Mothers Against Drunk Driving, the insane drinking age, and the trend towards cracking down on underage drinking.

It really is harder for "kids" (I use air quotes mostly to refer to the 18-20 y.o. cohort) to get alcohol than it used to be. Even when I was underage and drinking (roughly 1995-98) I could always find a place that would sell to me without carding (it helped that I looked plausibly older than I really was), and even a handful of bars where if I went in with the right people, I'd be good.

Now, I'm old enough to run for president in a few months, and I look it, and I still get carded by bartenders and cashiers I don't already know. I've seen cops staking out liquor stores to nail people buying for minors (as though nothing else is worth their attention in the neighborhood).

At least there's weed, which is much easier for kids to get.

Gino said...

maybe alcohol has tightened up.
i know cigs have. i was buying at 15 without any problem almost anywhere i went.

Mr. D said...

Brian is right. In this context, Purell=bathtub gin.

Foxfier said...

Really wish they'd drop it down to 18....
Of course, I'd like driving with a permit dropped to 14 or so, as well.

Palm boy said...

I really think this is some kind of marketing for the foam based hand sanitizer, which is less distilable.