Thursday, March 29, 2012

Randoms And A Crazy Cat Lady

I do not know if George Zimmerman should have been arrested that fateful night or not, but I do believe that there are people who need need to be arrested now.
Saying "Sorry" just doesn't cut it in this case.

To the north... in a cost cutting move, Canada has raised it's retirement age to 67. We've already done that, and we still have a problem. We can't cut our way out of this one. We need to breed our way out, or we are screwed.
Time to ban contraception. The future of the republic demands it. Don't laugh. If drafting men's bodies for war in defense of the republic is doable, why not drafting women's uterus's? Or is it uteri?

If you haven't seen "Winter's Bone" yet, why not?

The next round of electioneering in California will feature a increase on cigarettes. An additional $1.10 per pack, supposedly to fund 'cancer research'. Seeing how much of the money voted to combat Global Warming ended up in the pockets of politicians (Yes, even Arnold made bank on it), I suspect the funds for this one to meet the same fate.
Still, the anti-tax-raising climate in California is so toxic right now, even a tax on smokes, which used to be a slam dunk in days gone by, may not happen. This is good thing.
California is screwed in many ways, but before there was the Tea Party, Californians were holding Tea Party-like rallies every weekend. Some things we can get right.

Obamacare: the question isn't it defeat, but how badly.

This story (by the way, I know where this is, not too far from where I used to live) brings to mind my early days and the pizza delivery job I had (loved it, actually).
There was an apartment I used to deliver to once a week, maybe more.
The woman who lived there was mid to late 20's maybe, always wore cutoff shorts, a bikini top and nothing else.
She not only tipped well, but she was hot. Smoking hot.
The level of hot where we would send newbies to that address and they would return with talk of her hotness, and the... well, I'm getting to that...
The only drawback was her cat fetish. Not exaggerating... I once counted over 20 cats in the living room with the door open. Who knows how many were hiding out of sight, or in the other rooms.
I had already trained myself to ring the bell and step back from the door because the stench was enough to knock you on your ass.
Awefulbad is the best word I have for it.
When I see/read stories like this I have to to wonder about the level of mental illness these folks must be suffering...
And if that ultra-hot perfect-body babe ever found a man.

She lost control, kinda like that crazy cat lady.


Night Writer said...

I delivered pizzas in college. It was a great job. I had more money in my pocket then than when I got my first "full-time" job out of college.

It was a real college town with 3 different colleges, including a private women's college. There were a few of the ladies there that liked to play with the delivery guy's mind (only the mind) with what they'd wear or not wear when you brought the late night 'za. Kept things interesting.

Gino said...

i made bank at my pizza job, too. delivered in a beach town, with its laid-back atmosphere and lack of dress code. i saw a lot, a whole lot. it was great. i think the earth's gravitational pull is stronger along the coast, because towels kept dropping.

Foxfier said...

We can't cut our way out of this one. We need to breed our way out, or we are screwed.

Working on #1 via #2.

Of course, it's not enough to have lots of kids-- they also have to be raised decently.