Thursday, March 15, 2012

I'm Ready For Some Football

For those of you who have been sleeping all week, the big news out of Chicago is the trade for Brandon Marshall.
OK, I really do not know what the big news is out of Chicago. I haven't passed through there in 18 months, and haven't lived there since 1967. This is about what I think should be the big news out of Chicago, coming from my Chicago Bears Fan perspective.

I was clamoring for the Bears to make a play for Marshall way back when he was requesting a trade way from the Broncos (when they traded Jay Cutler to the Bears.) I clamored again when he was traded to the Dolphins. Even Jay was bringing up his name. Thankfully, Chicago tossed their sucky GM and replaced him with somebody who made it happen.

Brandon Marshall and Jay Cutler have been reunited. Let the magic happen.

We also signed a proven Quarterback in Jason Campbell to compete for the backup position. Personally, I was hoping for David Gerard, Kyle Orton or Donovan McNabb, but Campbell should work out just fine. What matters is that the Bears will have a proven and sufficient backup should Cutler go down.

Another plus, no more spent Cowboys on the team this year. Last year we brought in three. None of whom will be on the roster this year.
Now, just get some O-line and an early receiver in the draft and the Bears should be looking good this year.

On a down note: I liked Kyle Orton as a Bear. I rooted for his success every where he went after he was traded (unless he was playing the Bears). This year, he has signed to backup Tony Romo with the Cowboys. Sorry. I just can't cheer for that.

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Bike Bubba said...

Now that's interesting. Marshall went from Colorado to Chicago about the same time Blagojevich went from Chicago to Colorado.

I'm thinking Colorado got the worse out of that trade, but hoping that another friend of Blago and Rezko will also soon make the trek to Littleton.