Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I don't know how President and Mrs. Obama thought they were going to send their thirteen-year old daughter to Mexico for Spring Break (without a parent? Not sure if maybe Grandma is chaperoning) after his State Department told everybody else not to travel to Mexico due to safety concerns.

Malia might be the popular kid in her school after taking 12 friends along for the (free?, IDK) ride, but her father's popularity rating isn't doing as well. This event sure as hell isn't helping.


Brian said...

The AP story I just read says the trip is a "school-sponsored service project".

And if you look at the State Dept's current Travel Warning for Mexico there is no warning in effect for Oaxaca. It's a pretty big country.

Also, you know, the Secret Service.

Nothing to see here...

Gino said...

ahhh... so what i had read from three different articles is less than complete/accurate.

that explains why a few things just didnt seem right and left more questions than answers.

Palm boy said...

The bigger story here was the white house press corp asking news outlets to retract the story, and the news outlets following that lead.