Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Act Of Valor

Short on actors and any real acting, but high in action, and it's very real action at that, is a good way to describe Act Of Valor.
As you've all heard by now, this film stars real Navy S.E.A.L.s, both former and currently active, in the leading roles.

I've seen lots of action flicks in my time, but this is the very first one that can be considered an art house quality film because it does things other action flicks cannot. For starters, they had to use real S.E.A.L.s because the standard stuntman couldn't perform what was required.
It's everything you heard it was.

I can see this being the launch for another set of sequels much in the tradition of the James Bond series. A new S.E.A.L. movie every few years, with a different storyline, yet loosely based upon real geopolitical events

Go for it, take the kids and the wife. You'll be glad you did.


Brian said...

Yeah, but is there an intensely homoerotic volleyball scene? Because that's what I really look for in military propaganda pieces.

Gino said...

no, but there is breif surfing scene. very non-gay, though.

Palm boy said...

I'll take my miltary entertainmoganda at home on the couch without having to pay for it, thank you very much