Thursday, February 23, 2012

Mountain Man Update

I'm telling ya, something about this guy just oozes cool if you ask me. Pissing off The Man while doing your thing. The Man don't like that.
The dude has been identified and now we can see The Patriot Act at work. Yeah, that invention of the Bush administration that was supposed to keep us safe from assholes named Ali, Mohamed, and Sharif who were trying to jack airplanes and crash them into Manhattan skyscrapers.
All this guy has done is break into a few neglected cabins and jack a little coffee and whiskey. A far distance from airplanes and Manhattan, if you ask me.

Don't get me wrong. I'm am NOT saying this dude is among the saints. But he's far from a threat to the republic.

And still... when you set up a cabin out in the wilderness, far away from civilization... someplace that you rarely visit, let alone occupy regularly... and are foolish enough to leave coffee, booze and ammunition inside of it... well, that is just a welcome invitation to a mountain man to escape the cold and snow. (Maybe all the caves were occupied?)

This man is a nuisance, not a terrorist.
Yet, if he was accompanied by a several dozen dread locked college kids who didn't want to pay their student loans, he'd be allowed to trespass for months anywhere he wanted... and smoke a little ganja with the coffee and whiskey.
I'm not liking this.
If they're going all Patriot Act on this guy, this may end with a showering of gunfire.
I doubt such force should be necessary.


John said...

If you let one survivalist go unrestrained you would have to let all survivalists go unrestrained and how would Government then control all the survivalists?

Probably less then 1% of the population are survivalists and we know the conformist "think as I think" 99% are concerned.

On the other hand, Ted Kaczynski was only eccentric until he mailed his first bomb.

Brian said...

If you break into other people's property to steal supplies, you aren't a survivalist. You're a serial burglar.

Trespassing--not a big deal.

Living apart from society--not a big deal.

Having guns even though your felony convictions make it so you can't--a slightly bigger deal, but understandable if you're living off the grid in Utah

Leaving the odd threatening note combined with all of the above--if I was living in the area, I'd probably want law enforcement to have a word or two with him.

Though I agree, he's no "terrorist", and I do hope they can bring him in peacefully.

Gino said...

requisitioning of supplies any way you can is survivalist.

you'll come around when civilation collapses, just like in the movies.

but i am just a little annoyed that this guy may be pissing on my fantasies. where's dan haggerty when we need him?

Foxfier said...

Foolish? That's basic manners for actual survival purposes. There are a lot of folks-- some of them related to me-- who wouldn't be around if not for the emergency supplies left in cabins in the middle of nowhere.

If the "summer cabins" are like the ones in my new home valley-- and the mention of video surveillance makes it probable-- then he's been burgling second houses in a vacation area.

Lately he has been leaving the cabins in disarray and riddled with bullets after defacing religious icons, and a recent note left behind in one cabin warned, "Get off my mountain."

What happens when he finds a place that looks empty but isn't?

Sorry, I can't get angry about wire-tapping a cell phone to see if a dangerous, armed thief that's been caught on video is contacting his family.

Gino said...

"then he's been burgling second houses in a vacation area."

exactly. he's an Occupier, getting his from the 1%ers.
give him a student loan, and the media would treat him like he was important and needed accomodating.