Sunday, February 19, 2012

Living The Dream

My secret fantasy.
Mystery Utah 'mountain man' eludes investigators for 5 years
I saw "The Life And Times Of Grizzly Adams" when I was kid. To refresh your memory: a woodsman known as Dan Haggerty is wrongly accused of murder and flees to the wilderness to escape injustice, living off the land, fighting the elements...
A couple years later was the movie "Jeremiah Johnson", in which Robert Redford escapes civilization to live the mountains man's life style as a fur trapper.
I guess both of these movies fit in with my fetish for Jack London stories that I had acquired during this same period.

Of course, these are all movies and make believe, and in both cases above, the stories were loosely based upon some real life people and then embellished for storytelling purposes. But hey, I said it was my secret fantasy, anyway. And fantasies are whatever you want them to be.

Going rogue. Doing it for real. Gotta respect that.
Sure some of these guys who occasionally show up on the 'rogue' lists, seems like every couple years or so we get one, tend to be unsavory.

British Columbia had the Barefoot Bandit, the kid who jacked a private plane and crashed it, among other things...

The Unibomber.

And that Rudolph guy (or was it Randolph?), who was accused of bombing the Olympic games in Atlanta and a clinic and such. I really don't go for the killing type of rogue, but I do respect how this guy had the whole government chasing his ass through Appalachia for years and years. He was cool ('cept for the killing and bombing stuff)...

It's this latest guy though... in Utah... this dude seems to have it.
Scaring the shit out of everybody.
Considered armed and dangerous without having harmed or endangered anybody.
Got the cops tied in knots.
Doing it his way, his terms... I bet 100 people have walked past him at twenty feet away and never seen him.
And yet, nobody has a clue who he is.
He's good.

I'm hoping he turns out to be some whacked out, off the grid, DIY type instead of another murderer on the loose. That would ruin everything.


John said...

As I read the article there where so many typical stereotype assumptions made I had to chuckle. I agree it would be really good if this guy just turned out to be a simple anti-social, leave me alone type.

Gino said...

notice how he jacks the coffee and booze? his heart is in the right place.

John said...

I wonder if the booze is to depress his coffee high or the other way around?