Saturday, February 4, 2012

MVP? I Call Bullshit!

How can Aaron Rodgers be the MVP of the NFL when his back up performed just as well or better when given the chance.
If what Rodgers took part in in Green Bay was MVP worthy, the award should go collectively to Green Bay's receivers. Not the guy who was easily replaced with Matt Flynn.

My Pick for MVP:
Of course, Jay Cutler. Or Maybe Payton Manning, even if he didn't actually play football. No two teams suffered as drastic a meltdown as the Bears or the Colts when their franchise quarterback got sidelined.

Or Maybe Brady. He won without a defensive unit to cover his ass and will likely win the Super Bowl in the same manner.

Anybody but Rodgers. He's not worthy.


Mr. D said...

Going 14-1 is pretty good. And if anything, the Packers have a defense that was inferior to the Patriots this year.

If Manning had played this year, the Colts would have been about 8-8, maybe 9-7 tops. If Cutler plays the whole year, the Bears probably go 10-6 or 11-5. Still doesn't get you to 14-1. Rodgers won because his closest competitor was Brees, and he beat Brees.

But that's what's fun about this -- you can argue it any way you want. And I know this -- Rodgers would trade his MVP award for a chance to be playing today. The good news is he'll have a good chance to get back there for the next 5 years or so.

Gino said...

and still... you offer no love to the recievers who made Rodgers look so good.

Mr. D said...

They do and they don't, Gino. Did you watch the Giants game? They dropped a half dozen balls, easily. A few of which would have turned the game, I might add.

His receivers are really good, but the notion that Rodgers doesn't make them look good is spurious. Those receivers couldn't have saved Tim Tebow, or Christian Ponder, or even Jay Cutler. The number to look at is 6 interceptions, vs. 45 touchdowns. That's off the charts good.

What separates Rodgers from Cutler is that Rodgers consistently makes better decisions with the football. Cutler is a lot like Favre; great arm, makes great throws, but he'll throw one up for grabs.

The NFL passer rating is a tough thing to wrap your mind around, but the bottom line is this -- by that measure, Rodgers had the greatest season in NFL history. Perhaps other candidates might be worthy, too, but to say Rodgers isn't worthy seems a bit much to me.

Gino said...

Most Valuable Player is the award. not Bestest QB completeing receptions.

He was easily replaced by Flynn.. i'd say that decreases the 'value' of his mostness.

W.B. Picklesworth said...

How many games did Flynn play again? Was it four? Or five? I don't remember, exactly. I just remember that he put up Rodgers-like numbers pretty consistently. :-)

Mr. D said...

Well, I guess we disagree on this one, good sir.

Gino said...

dont get me wrong Mr D. rodgers is damn good. but having a back up who can produce similar #'s makes him less 'valuable'.

Palm boy said...

To emphasize an excellent point:

"The number to look at is 6 interceptions, vs. 45 touchdowns. That's off the charts good. "

No Drew Brees or Eli Manning love to be found here?

W.B. Picklesworth said...

Palm Boy, I'd love to kick 'em on the shins.