Monday, February 27, 2012

Sex, Politics And Videotape

Gotta love it when those who made a career screwing the people of California find themselves occupying the other end of the phallus.
Humiliation for veteran politician, 70, as he is handed sex tape 'featuring wife 30 years his junior and lover she met in rehab'
Take a moment to gaze upon the loveliness of Nadia Lockyer (bow chika wow wow), currently serving as Alameda County Supervisor, and you'll know that this tape likely has the potential to sell an internet subscription or two.

According to a few reports, the life-long politician was attempting to use his influence on the local attorney general's office in an attempt to quash the leakage of his wife's extra-political affairs.

Since the action in the video is clearly voluntary, the man with the tape does indeed own the rights to it. Reportedly, the Top Cop of California politics is out of luck on this one.

Lockyer is a smarmy sort of guy, as anybody with a 40 years in statewide office can be. It wouldn't surprise me if he found way, crookedly... or even more crookedly than that... to put an end to this in his favor.

I'm hoping he fails.
I want this tape released in the interest of Free Speech and the Public's Right To Know.
He(and she)has earned every bit of it.


Bike Bubba said...

Nasty life both of 'em have led. Previous relationships, fornication, accidents with multiple broken bones, and rehab.

Count me out on the tape--even if I were OK with watching such things to begin with--because if it exists, it's basically the last act in a lifelong rape of this woman.

Gino said...

dont get me wrong, i dont wanna see the tape either.

she comes from a political family as well, btw.